Izjna Khaldho

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Izjna Khaldho
Iz avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Quermian
Homeworld Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Marital Status Widowed
Spouse Amara Myzair (died year 10)
Born Unknown. Likely year -13
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.62 metres
Coloring Gray
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation GI Static Cog.png Ghtroc Industries
-ARK-.png -ARK-
Galactic Alliance Emblem.png Galactic Alliance
Title Director-General
Prior Affiliation Merr-Sonn Technologies Logo Year 13.png Merr-Sonn Technologies
Incomlogo.jpg Incom Corporation
RepublicMedical corner.gif Republic Medical
NRlogo.png New Republic
BMF logo300x197.png Baobab Merchant Fleet
ARE logo.png Arkanian Brotherhood
THC Plain Logo.png The Hyporian Commonwealth

Izjna Khaldho is a male Quermian in charge of Ghtroc Industries, part of the Outer Rim government -ARK-. He has had a long career serving several governments, including Sorosuub Corporation, the New Republic, the Arkanian Brotherhood and The Hyporian Commonwealth. Generally easy-going, Izjna has served in many leadership positions.

Early life

Around year -13, a smuggling vessel came across a disabled passenger transport drifting around in the Abrion Sector. Many of the passengers had died in what seemed to have been an accident caused by a critical failure of the life support systems. Among the survivors of the accident, the smugglers found an infant Quermian. Next to his crib lay a damaged datapad, its flickering screen showing a series of random letters:
The smugglers wrongfully assumed this was the child's name. Because of the proximity of the Kamino system and the child's elongated neck, the smugglers -again wrongfully- assumed the child was a Kaminoan and delivered him to what they believed was his home planet.
The Kaminoans accepted the infant in, even though they were aware that what they had in front of them was definitely not Kaminoan. Yet they wondered if the child was a cloning experiment gone wrong and wanted to see what is was capable of. For years, Izjna had the education every young Kaminoan had. But when it was time for them to be allocated to their work stations, Izjna was not accepted to work in the cloning centers. He was sent to the local spaceports to perform all manners of menial labor, from scrubbing landing pads to unloading cargo and operating the trash compactors. For most of his youth, the other children treated him as a malformed Kaminoan. By the end of year 7, Izjna had had enough of his so called "home planet".