The Cardinal Swords of Tau

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The Cardinal Swords of Tau
Cardinal Sword of Tau.png

The Cardinal Swords of Tau are a set of nine swords mid-length broadswords fashioned by the famed Noghri Bladesmith, Sekou Tau . Each has a unique element fused into its core during forging. Each sword forms a unique bond with its owner, imbibing the owners personality and traits and changing color to reflect this.

The Swords

Blademaster Tau forged nine swords as part of this collection. Each has a unique name and element. The nine swords are Ukutshaya, Umbane, Umphunga, Ngomlilo, Mantla, Mazantsi, Ngsasekhohlo, Ngasekunene, and Ukukhanya. Each sword was forged on a neuranium anvil with a neuranium hammer, endowed with whatever special element the master smith wishes to infuse into the sword he works on. The swords themselves are made from an alloy of neuranium, transperisteel, and songsteel, called neurasong. This alloy combines the best of the three elements. The neuranium provides strength and durability to the blade, while songsteel provides a certain amount of lightsaber resistance. The transperisteel adds a sheen to the blade, allowing it to deflect blasters and enhancing the light reflecting capabilities of the blade. The intricate crossguard covers energized wiring that passes energy through the blade, allowing it scintillate continuously, along with producing periodic flashes of light. The crossguard is also encrusted with a fantastic luminous blue gem. The hand-grip is made of dried, bound reekhide leather which absorbs much of the tension and shock of clashing metal. The hilts are etched with the swords name and the makers mark.


The forging process of these special takes the master-smith a full month to complete. It is an extremely complex process, largely due to the amount of elements and directions infused into the blades themselves. Each sword has the essence of an elelment infused into its core such as smoke or lightening and the points of a magnetic compass. This is a complex process, which takes decades of training to learn. The entire process is shrouded in mystery as the master-smiths are sworn to secrecy, but there are a few things known. The hammer and anvil are made of neuranium and are endowed with special properties through the Force. This allows the hammer to transfer the essence of an element chosen by the master smith into the sword. As the sword is heated, the hammer folds the metal in on itself, strengthening and sharpening it. The alloy of songsteel, neuranium and transperisteel molds together in the flame, fusing into one compact whole. Other than what is infused into the metal, the only difference between blades is the power mechanism, which is customized for each purchaser.

Endowed with Power

Once the forging process is completed, the swords are turned over to a high priest of Var Kelen and a member of clan Ling'vai'neer. The high priest endows the swords with mystical Force power, while the clan member field tests the weapon. The power endowment allows the sword to bond to its owner through the Force and begin to gain some of its owners traits.

The swords are all endowed with the same mystical Force powers. However, which powers are exhibited is entirely dependent on how closely bonded the sword is to its owner and the traits of the owner themselves. Each trait gives the owner a different set of tactical advantages on the battlefield and some complement one another very well. Stonepower is a special kind of force power only attained by non-force sensitives, and only when in proximity to bluestone, which is endowed with the essence of the Living Force. The few non-force sensitives who are gifted with Stonepower are able to perform some of the basic functions of the Force, such as telekinesis. The second power endowed upon the swords is a Force-bond. This would generally only result from the relationship between a Jedi Padawaan and Master but it allows the sword to bond to its owner. The remaining three powers can only be used by Force-attuned sentients. Energy resistance is also endowed upon the sword. This allows the user to avoid energy based weapon fire, such as blaster bolts, much more easily. Battlemind is also endowed upon the swords, allowing their owners to channel their focus into their morale and elan. This power allowed its users to overcome physical defects or age and to fight with controlled passion and ferocity unmatched by any other sentient. The last power endowed upon the swords is a recognition of how large the galaxy is and how often many must travel, that being Instinctive Astrogation. This power allows the the swords owner to use the Force to instantly plot a path through the stars without the aid of a navacomputer or astromech.

Not all of these traits are active at once. Instead the sword takes its cue from the actions of its owner. If the owner is a frequent traveler, they will quickly gain access to Instinctive Astrogation. If they are non-Force sensitive, the sword will give them access to Stonepower. The sword will also change color to match the owners personality. If the owner is cruel and angry, the sword might turn black and red. If the owner is a light side Force user, the sword may change to a very light blue-green hue. Much of how the sword works is dependent on the owner, for, once the sword has bonded to the owner, it will imitate its master.