Ariel Maal

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Ariel Maal
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Resani Maal
Father Victor Maal
Spouse None
Siblings Korran Maal - Brother
Children None
Born Year -8 Day 193
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.62 meters
Coloring Pale
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Corellian Office of Political Recruitment
Rank Talent Supervisor
Positions Sentient Resources
Prior Affiliation
  • Ignatius Paak
  • Coruscanti Imperialist University
  • Chameleon Investments
Awards IgnatiusArielGraduation.png

Ariel Maal is a well educated woman for Coruscant, who instead of taking time to relax and recuperate, she will always be found buried in a book or some paperwork relating to galactic politics. Her keen intellect and skill give her the prowess to work with the best and brightest in the galactic political circles, improving the wellbeing of the citizens she serves. Having only recently completed a University degree on Coruscant, she was immediately hired as a Political Aide to Ignatius Paak from the Tion Cluster to assist him with a realm of political matters of both a personal and professional nature. Her enthusiasm didn't give her a moment to hesitate and her job has lead her to the Tion Cluster where she continued to work tirelessly towards a better political life, while harnessing the skills being passed into her by her friend and mentor. When his ventured were forced to re-align, Ariel found herself on Corellia, nurturing new political talent for the Imperial Union in image of her former colleague.

First Things First

Stage One

Ariel was born to Victor and Resani Maal in a high rise skyscraper on Coruscant. Through their care and nurturing, she quickly outgrew the typical persona of a young child and buried herself in books. Instead of running around the outskirts of Coruscant causing trouble for all concerned, she had a passion for politics and would regularly attend Imperial Government hearings throughout the capital to get a greater grasp on how the system operated while under the supervision of her parents. When she wasn't visiting the political headquarters of the Imperial capital, she was reading up on new court cases and political decisions, the volume of which caused her to regularly talk and act in a more mature way than that of a normal seven year old. Despite her enthusiasm for education, she would rarely attend education facilities. Her enthralled personality caused her to skip the boring classes her fellow students were undertaking, and instead would sneak through the various alleys and walkways adjacent to the school, to get to the local courthouse of dispute resolution centre. While initially her presence was frowned upon, causing her to be grounded by her parents, Imperial security officials began to sneak her into courtrooms and into the back of public political meetings due to her continued attempts to gain access. By the time her final tests came around for her primary education diploma, she couldn't answer a number of the mathematical questions or properly undertake a number of other course material, but given her maturity and ability to understand and recite political matters, she was accepted through to level of secondary education.

Ariel begins her time in rehabilitation.

As her education began to broaden its horizon, the fourteen year old began to understand the virtues of following the rules and procedures. Her class attendance in secondary school had greatly improved as the classes began to contain more materials relating to her hobbies of a legal and political nature. Excelling, she found herself at the top of the class. However, while she had mastered the written material and had the maturity to respond and debate such topics, she failed in one important area. Her friendship network was sorely lacking, and given her dreams of a politically motivated nature, she would need friends and colleagues to make the relevant connections required to be successful. As her graduation from secondary school arrived, she excelled in a number of classes, but was relatively unknown to those around her. During a graduation ceremony a number of her classmates confused her for another and forced her to leave the proceedings prematurely. Despite the error, Ariel played along and let the ceremony, much to the dismay of her family. Saddened and disgusted with what had happened to her social life, she ran straight from the ceremony and disappeared from her parents for a number of weeks. In a rebellious nature, she stole a speeder bike and poorly piloted it to the outskirts of Coruscant, away from the prestigious arenas of politics and into the scum of the universe. When she found two weeks later by Coruscani Security, she was intoxicated and half naked in an alley outside a bar, surrounded by empty Ale bottles, ryll patches and death sticks. Immediately admitted into a rehabilitation facility, she began a six month period of recuperation, which not only allowed her to see the error of her actions, but allowed her to grow some friendships with others inside the program.

Moving Up

On her seventeenth birthday, Ariel successfully completed her rehabilitation program and was released back into society. While her parents tried to persuade to take a year away from her education and travel to relax, she decided instead of enrol in a two-year course at the Coruscanti Imperialist University to study Political Affairs. Immediately her interest was captured as instead of simply seeing the superficial outline of a political system from observation and understanding, she finally had the chance to go deep into the political system and learn the basic processes from structure to documentation, proceedings and standing. She was finally where she belonged at the top of the class, but she had also learnt from her previous mistakes and was building up a strong network of relationships, several of which in a more romantic sense as she became one of the more popular students in her course. As the first year was completed, she took the holiday period to take an internship under the guise of a corporate Chief Executive Officer at the consulting company in Kuat known as Chameleon Investments to get an understanding into how companies and corporations deal with various political pressures, how to motivate and manage a large amount of staff, and how to effective implement new policy and procedure, processes she knew would be invaluable in her future political aspirations.

As she returned to another year of University, her final year, she began furiously searching for a pathway towards a career in the political circle. While many chased after roles in the regional government of the Galactic Empire, Ariel wanted something more personal. She didn't want to serve a government per se, she wanted to follow someone around and learn their mannerisms, their procedures and learn all the was to know about the way a political system worked. Little did she know, the opportunity was already upon her. Ignatius Paak, a member of Tion Hegemony Government was looking for an able bodied aide that could assist him with his political work. While Ariel conducted her normal coursework, she was being watched by Ignatius to determine if she was what he required. After approximately a week of observation, Ignatius approached Ariel with an offer to become his Political Aide and assist him with all political matters that crossed his desk. Thrilled and thankful for the offer, Ariel accepted on the spot and began work on several initiation assignments while she completed her final coursework at University. After her graduation, she submitted her various assignments to Ignatius, who was thoroughly impressed with their work ethic and maturity.

New Citizenship

Working Hard, All the Time

Officially hired by Ignatius Paak, Ariel bid farewell to her parents who were thoroughly impressed at her job prospects, and boarded Ignatius' Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle Adoramus, Ariel was immediately given citizenship within the Tion Hegemony Government and access to use all the various assets Ignatius had at his disposal. As they travelled to his office in the Cadinth system, the two shared a great deal of professional and personal information, including Ariel's past and her stint in rehabilitation. Impressed by her maturity and honesty, Ignatius began to trust Ariel immensely, for which the feeling was reciprocated by Ariel. As the arrived at the Luxury Space Colony Danuvius, Ariel was shown to her personal quarters and her office, for which she was greeted with a number of assignments and tasks to help better operations within the Tion Hegemony Government, tasks she immediately undertook, which greatly impressed Ignatius. Her once troubled childhood had taught her humility, and that humility had landed her the starting job to a career she had always wanted. A mentor at her disposal and mountain of paperwork to keep her interested, she couldn't be happier with her new arrangement, and life inside the Tion Hegemony.

Ariel tries a new look.

I've Got Someone I Want You to Meet

The work kept coming in as Ignatius began to not only expand his portfolio inside the Hegemony, but in his private ventures as well. As he took on another station to compliment Danuvius, Ariel was put in charge of its reassignment and relocation, including the removal of previously owned assets and its refurbishment to reflect the desires of both herself and Ignatius. While she was undertaking the task, Ignatius also hired another associate, Koth Baras, who would handle Security operations. Ariel felt an immediate attraction to Koth, much like her attraction to Ignatius, but never acted on them in any way to ensure professionalism, but also due to Koth's existing marriage. Despite her best efforts, Ignatius and Koth both knew she liked them, and both played along to ensure a fun and enjoyable working environment. As her station assignment drew to a close, she escorted Ignatius around the new station and showed off her work. Exceptionally impressed with her efforts, Ignatius gave her a bonus and some time off to recuperate. Given her enthusiasm to her work, she declined the time away, however Ignatius insisted. As Ignatius and Koth completed an assignment outside of the Tion Cluster, Ariel spent some time on Cadinth in an effort to understand more about Tionese Culture, and the upbringing of Ignatius. Spending some of her bonus at the various markets on Cadinth, she even tried a new look, changing her hair and clothing to experience something different. She continued her look into Ignatius' life, coming somewhat infatuated by it, wanting to know everything about it so that she could sense when something was wrong, out of place or right with her boss and dear friend. As her time away concluded, she visited his family home and laid some flowers on the grave of his mother, before arriving back at her office on Danuvius.

Several hours after she resumed her work, Ignatius and Koth returned from a successful operation and wanted to celebrate. The three of them enjoyed an exceptional meal, cooked by Ignatius himself, and enjoyed some of the finest Tionese alcohol along with each others company. Hours of enthralled conversation and story telling grew the three even closer together, before Koth decided to retire to his chambers, leaving Ignatius and Ariel by themselves. Putting down his glass, Ignatius grabbed Ariel's hand and took her towards the docking bay, to show her a surprise he had for her. As they walked in, Ariel spotted a brand new Jedi Ambassador Shuttle glistening away. Ignatius smiled and pointed towards the end of the ship, where the word Arielus was painted. Ignatius explained that her work was so vital to his career and even to himself personally that he wanted to show the level of respect he had for her, and he named the ship after her, and gave her the keys for her to have it as a personal ship. Thrilled by the gesture, Ariel hugged Ignatius, before he escorted her back to her quarters before she fell asleep. Wishing her goodnight, Ariel, slightly intoxicated by the alcohol and by his incredible gesture, kissed Ignatius. Apologetic, knowing he was in a personal relationship with another, she retired to her quarters. Awakening the next morning, Ignatius approached her to make sure she was alright from the night before and explained that it was understandable for co-workers to experience feelings. He cheered her up, and Ariel resumed her work once again, as happy as ever.

Good Afternoon, Good Evening & Good Night

After a number of months, Ignatius decided to tender his resignation with the Tion Hegemony Government, which despite initial hesitation, Ariel was excited to undertake a new endeavour. What had the potential to be a new beginning turned out to be something very different. While travelling through the outskirts of the galaxy, Ignatius was assaulted by a drunk individual, and throughout the course of the encounter, Ignatius managed to kill the man and flee. Koth Baras returned a couple of days later to Ariel and Helena to relay the news, but also the chance that Ignatius would not return. Greatly affected by the situation, Ariel spent a number of days in her personal quarters devastated, frequently crying about her uncertain loss. However, not all was lost as Ignatius re-surfaced a number of weeks later and discreetly moved them all to Revyia for a meeting. It was here that he detailed the situation and what he had been through, along with his new found affiliation to the Black Sun. Taken aback, Ariel because increasingly worried about him given the organisations history and what he truly believed in while working for the Tion Hegemony. Despite the feelings she had for Ignatius and her dedication to him and his work, this was a path she couldn't follow him down. As they embraced, Ignatius handed her the access codes to his father's Theta-class T-2c Shuttle and Ariel, along with Koth, headed back to Corellia to start a new life. Despite her decision not to join him, she believed that they would work together in the future, at one point or another. Upon her arrival on Corellia, Ariel spent a number of days with Koth Baras and his family until she was able to find adequate accommodation, before finding a position at the Corellian Office of Political Recruitment, where she was able to put her exceptional skills to work finding and nurturing political talent for office within the Imperial Union.