Black Sun Illuminated

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Posted by: Marsen Zakar - Faction: Crepan
Date: Year 15 Day 355 Onboard the Modular Taskforce Cruiser Destiny Pillar in system n/a (34, 75).


Not long ago it was revealed by Alliance Special Operations that Dac Kain was actually Shadow Vigo Losco. A Shadow Vigo is one who operates within a different organization in order to act on behalf of Black Sun and whose ties to Black Sun are intended to remain secret. We at Crepan have recently uncovered confirmation of this rumuor and have decided to share it with you all. This is a transmission we acquired earlier from our source known as “The Kiffar”.

After much discussion, the Family Council has decided that our brothers and sisters in the Family are worthy of knowing the identity of Shadow Vigo Losco. Shadow Vigo Losco is Dac Kain, leader of Mecrotica. Additionally, Shadow Lord Umbria is Alysia Kain. The Mecrotica factions beneath Vigo Kain's leadership are an unknown, private extension of the Black Sun Collective.

With this announcement, does come some rules: Vigo Kain may only be addressed by his real identity by the family and in private. The same rules apply, when discussing Vigo Kain with another Family member.

Vigo Kain will be referenced as Shadow Vigo Losco in all other situations. With Alysia being revealed, she will no longer be Consiglio. However, her rank will remain. Her status is not to be discussed outside of the Family and in private. Her being known Family, would clearly indicate Vigo Kain's involvement. With it also comes some reminders: The inclusion of Mecrotica in the Collective is classified. It's inclusion may only be discussed by the Family and with Family members. In Collective and public discussion, Mecrotica companies are merely contracted factions. The status of Mecrotica Family members is classified.

Understand that the burden of this knowledge places a great deal of trust in you all; we expect that your silence on the matter will validate that trust. If in any situation, you are unsure whether you can discuss something, assume that you cannot and say nothing.

If our trust has been misplaced, and Black Watch finds that any member has divulged Vigo Kain's identity to non-Family, you will be punished according to the Black Sun Code of Conduct. The Family Council will accept no apology, and you will be met with the harshest punishments available. Likewise, do not divulge the Collective or Family membership of the Mecrotica companies or sentients to anyone inappropriate. Here too, your dishonor will be met with extreme punishment.

The Family Council welcomes Shadow Lord Nox, Dominic von Black, and Shadow Lord Obscurum, Spree Razzix, to the Consiglio. They have earned their seats via being second-in-command of Mecrosa and first-in-command of Xucphra, respectively. In this time of need, we require all of our Family leaders join together in solidarity.

As with Shadow Vigo Losco's identity as Dac Kain, this information is strictly classified. Only the Family may know their identities. They will retain their non-Consiglio ranks and identities on the Collective forums. Anyone who shares this information, will face the full wrath of the Family Council.

In recent times it was stated by the current leader of Black Sun, Underlord Alexander von Ismay, that Black Sun was headed in a new direction. We had even removed them from our criminal list on a previous newscast because we too believed this was the case, but it looks as if Black Sun has chosen to stay true to its old form and is committed to keeping a presence in the underworld.

A few questions remain: Why the need to lie? Why would they need to give the harshest punishments available? If they are indeed a legitimate business, why the need to hide in the shadows and obscure their business connections? There are also strong rumours that a number of Black Sun employees are either missing or dead. While the death penalty is not a rarity in the galaxy, it would appear that the number of dead is reaching alarming and draconian levels. We'll bring you the infomation on this as facts come to light. If any member of Black Sun is willing, they are invited to step forward and clear up these questions and set the record straight.