Juan Vargez

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Juan Vargez
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Spouse None
Siblings Paco Vargez
Children None
Quote "I'm the nice one"
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'5
Coloring Pale
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Zann Consortium
Title Ripper
Rank Kamiriic (Circle)
Prior Affiliation Dread
Dark Star Hellions
Granse Confederacy
Galactic Empire


Juan Vargez was born to an impoverished family on planet Corellia along with his brother Paco. As he grew older Juan had occasional scrapes with the law, hustling to get ahead on the streets of each city he and his brother lived in. Upon reaching his 17th year of age Juan entered into the Galactic Empire, soon after noticing Imperial pilots land at a nearby space port, exiting their military ships. Though Juan had seen Imperial pilots land in prior times, that day something inside of him clicked and he realized he needed to make a decision, to become something better than a criminal or pirate, and left for Imperial Academy once accepted by Recruitment Officers.

Upon graduation of the Imperial Academy, Juan was assigned to the 4th Imperial Fleet. Thought to be a career member of the Imperial Navy, Juan worked tirelessly raising his rank to Chief Flight Sergeant, determined to never walk the scoundrel’s path like so many Corellians. Unfortunately for Vargez, his luck soon turned as he inched closer to becoming an officer in the Navy. Juan would be brought up on charges from the Imperial Security Bureau and later removed from the Empire.

While the Empire has never officially commented on the allegations towards Juan, that lead to his subsequent removal. Vargez has often stated he believed he was charged suspiciously for his operations he conducted while working for Director Romulus Lupine of Imperial Intelligence in year 10.

A life beyond the military

In late year 10, Juan drifting alone through space with very little credits and no friends outside of the Imperials he left behind, Juan wandered into a tavern one night on a backwater planet and met a fellow Corellian with the alias "Zenzo", who along with a Barabel, named Vinz Zer were recruiting for bounty hunters to join their organization Granse Confederacy. While initially reluctant to join, Juan soon grew to respect both members along with others of the organization and became a prominent member of the organization, until approximately year 12, when news spread of Zenzo's death, following various rumors among the underworld the known bounty hunter had met his end with a sun.

Initially taken back by the death of one of his mentors, Juan was ready to leave for a destination unknown, when Vinz explained to Juan, he would do no one any justice, if he left. Vinz went on to explain to Vargez, that he should at least wait to meet Zenzo's mentor, a Falleen named Ximaro Jix who was joining Granse to become the new 2nd in command. Reluctant, Juan agreed to wait for the individual many rumored to be more criminal than a hunter.