Raid on the Kowak System

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Raid on the Kowak System
DateYear 23 Day 262 — Year 23 Day 263
ResultZann tactical victory
Zann.png Zann ConsortiumBsdLogo.png Blue Star Dominion
TXCnew .png The Exchange
RA Logo Year21.png Rebel Alliance
ResistanceLogo.png The Resistance
Commanders and Leaders
Zann.png Bork Shalas
Zann.png Ximaro Jix
BsdLogo.png Marshal Taranjeek o`Cuinn
TXCnew .png Compeer Mika Noris
Casualties and Losses
1 GAT-12h Skipray Blastboat
2 Toscan 8-Q Starfighter
1 BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter
2 MC-30b Corvette
18 RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor
4 Sysat T-24

The Raid on the Kowak System was a short battle between the Zann Consortium and Rebel Alliance (and its allies) that took place in the Kowak system in Year 23.


The Zann Consortium was a powerful criminal syndicate operating in the Outer Rim Territories, known for their ruthless tactics and cunning strategies, and considered themselves to be a significant threat to various galactic powers such as the Rebel Alliance. In Year 23, the Zann Consortium assault force "Soul Reavers" launched an attack on the Rebel Alliance system of Kowak.[1]

The Raid

Zann-released image of the raid

The raid was a carefully planned assault by the Zann Consortium to disrupt the Kowak system's defenses and assault Rebel Alliance assets. The attack was carried out by a vanguard of Defiler ships, led by Ximaro Jix and Bork Shalas, who targeted and destroyed Resistance-registered satellites in the system in an effort to provoke a response from the Consortium's enemies and eliminate potential intelligence on their fleet movements. In response to the attack, the Rebel Alliance dispatched a local flight of RZ-1 A-wing interceptors to investigate and engage the reported criminal activity. Anticipating a sustained conflict for the system, the Rebel Alliance requested support from local Rebel factions. As the Blue Star Dominion operates in the Sevetta sector where Kowak resides, the Dominion was the first group able to arrive with reinforcements.

Zann relied on a strategy of swarming during the raid, wagering that their larger number of ships would prove overwhelming to the smaller number of defending ships. As a result, the initial flight of A-wing interceptors was overwhelmed and cut in half before reinforcements could arrive. Dominion Marshal Taranjeek o`Cuinn was the first to arrive and reported that the Zann force was attacking undefended civilian transports. Taranjeek devised a strategy to slave two empty MC-30b corvette's to her command ship to act as decoys in an effort to shield the civilian ships under threat, drawing Zann's attention. The Dominion corvettes were launched alongside a squadron of A-wings and all were ultimately lost, claiming the lives of a dozen Dominion pilots, but buying critical time for additional reinforcements to arrive. Compeer Mika Noris of The Exchange and Arbiter David Archer of the Dominion arrived in-system and engaged the aggressors alongside Marshal Taranjeek. Realizing that their numerical advantage was slipping away, the Zann fleet disengaged and made a tactical withdrawal after the Dominion's Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Bastion arrived, commanded by Marshal Tomas O`Cuinn. Soon after the disengagement, further reinforcements arrived from the Blue Star Dominion, The Exchange, Jedi Order, Rebel Alliance, Stryker Military Services, The Resistance, and Ternion Corps.


Zann-released image of the raid

The raid on the Kowak system lasted approximately one standard day but quickly became a disputed event between the Zann Consortium and Rebel Alliance, with each side claiming victory. The Consortium declared it a triumph, stating that it further solidified their reputation as a formidable criminal syndicate by striking a devastating blow to the Blue Star Dominion and Rebel Alliance.[2] Conversely, the Rebel Alliance announced they had successfully protected the civilian population and driven off the unprovoked assault.[3] Ultimately, the Rebels reportedly two corvettes, eighteen starfighters, and four satellites while the Zann lost four starfighters and one gunboat while sustaining damage to eighteen more starfighters. The Consortium also made the claim that they were able to drop supplies on the planet's surface to support local insurgents, though a subsequent investigation by the Rebel Alliance discovered no evidence that the planetary shield network, activated in response to the attack, had been penetrated by the criminal group.