Avatar Voidrunner

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Avatar Voidrunner
Avatar Voidrunner Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Gand
Homeworld Gand
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.6 meters
Coloring Greenish-brown skin
Eye Color Silver
Political Information
Positions Supreme Commander (former)
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance

Ava'taar Vird'rnnaa, better known by his core name Avatar Voidrunner, is a male Gand who survived the Imperial genocide of his beloved tribe during his traumatic youth and soon joined the Rebel Alliance. During the tenure of rebel leader Max Fors, Avatar was appointed the High Marshal of the Alliance Starfighter Command and eventually succeeded Fors as Supreme Commander.[1] While serving in the latter capacity, he became a revered Jedi warrior under the personal tutelage of Master Relm Hesek. He later participated in the Battle of Beta circa late Year 4 where he rallied the beleaguered Falleen defenders against Emperor Greyson Uebles' colossal invasion force. Although hopelessly outnumbered, Avatar was able to facilitate the escape of many Falleen refugees during the battle. After stepping down as Supreme Commander, Avatar retired to a quiet life of studying the Force and advising various dignitaries.


The Mists of Gand

Avatar Voidrunner was born on the gaseous planet of Gand, located in the Outer Rim Territories, just beyond the Centrality, and on the border of Wild Space. Small colonies dotted the planetary surface of Gand. Each colony was separated by kilometers of thick mists and ruled by the Gand's long-standing totalitarian government. Avatar was a hatchling in the Voidrunner tribe and his birthname in his native tongue was Ava'taar Vird'rnnaa. In the Gand tribal system, each tribe had a traditional role they fulfilled within society. The Voidrunners were star-pilots. They served in the local Gand Defense Force that patrolled the hidden Gand system, and protected their planet from extrasolar invaders. While the Gand populace had made their way into space on their own, they hadn't truly explored much outside of their home system. This lack of exploration was by choice, even though they had hyperspace capabilities. Their vessels, while not outstanding, were functional and efficient.

Avatar grew to the verge of adulthood training as both a Gand Findsman and a pilot for his tribe. His training as a Findsman put him in touch with the esoteric Mists of Gand, the gaseous atmosphere that blanketed his homeworld and made it toxic to non-Gandish life. The Gand religion believed in the god Ara, and in the Mists, with whom the Gand communed in sacred rituals. Avatar had not progressed far into the religious secrets of Ara and the Findsmen when reconnaissance forces of the Galactic Empire discovered the Gand civilization.

The Empire wished to gain the use of the Gand Findsmen who — through their mystic rituals — were remarkably adept at finding their prey as bounty hunters. The Empire desired their use at any cost, and that cost was very high for the Gand people. The Empire came in with weapons blazing. Many of Avatar's beloved tribesmen died that day in space as they attempted to repel the Imperial TIE Fighters with their primitive spacecraft. When it became clear that the Empire's forces were unstoppable, the Gand conceded to the Empire, falling under their sway, and becoming an Imperial Governorship administered by Imperial collaborators that led among the worship of Ara.

Imperial Reckoning

Despite their capitulation, the Empire wanted to make an example to all Gand about the price of disobedience. They chose to massacre the Voidrunner tribe. The Voidrunners heard of this only hours before the Imperials were to seize them. They hastily decided to evacuate. The tribal members were loaded onto transports, and the remaining fighters were assigned to escort.

Avatar, who had still been too young by only a year to fight when the Empire had invaded, was called upon to fly as there was a desperate shortage of pilots. The convoy took off, heading for the stars. The Empire launched ships to stop them, but most of the transports were too far gone to be stopped, only a few at the rear were vulnerable. When the TIEs caught up to them, many pilots flying escort, Avatar included, turned back to try and defend their kin. It was a hard battle. Half the transports were able to escape due to the sacrifices of the defending pilots. The other half, however, along with most of the pilots defending them, were captured. Avatar was one of those pilots. All told, about two hundred of Avatar's kin were captured that day and returned to Gand in Imperial custody. They were placed in a large cage in the center of the Gand Capital. Then, as an example to all Gand, Imperial Navy Troopers formed up outside the cage, lowered their blasters, and opened fire into the captives.

Avatar was near the back of the crowd when they began to shoot, and several of his tribesmen ran to the far corner, and they tried to escape their cage by brute strength. Even with their tough exoskeletons, most were unable to get through but, somehow, for a reason Avatar would not understand for a few years, Avatar found a weak link and was able to squeeze out. He fled into the Mists. Running blindly, Avatar's mind almost shut down at what had happened to his tribesmen. To this day, Avatar only remembers vague details about this incident, and the slaughter of hundreds of his kin. He remembered some of it during the upheaval after Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom's cryptic holonet messages to the galaxy. Managing to get to a ship by the aid of an Imperial officer with a conscience, Avatar made his way to where the rest of his tribe had retreated: Alderaan. Once he was safely in hyperspace away from Gand, Avatar collapsed into unconsciousness from the trauma, and his mind blocked off the tragedy from his memory.

Rebel Dreams

Avatar participated in the famous Battle of Beta circa Year 5 Day 12 defending the Falleen Federation against Uebles' Galactic Empire.

When he arrived at Alderaan, he managed to reunite with his kinfolk who had planted a colony in a valley near the planet's equator with the blessings of the Alderaanian government. All Gand of the Voidrunner tribe thus took up the moniker "Gand of Alderaan" to honor the people that had taken them in during their time of need.

Avatar devoted the next several years to honing his piloting skills. He discovered he wanted deeply to fight against the Empire, but did not understand why. Avatar then joined up with the Rebel Alliance and became a B-wing pilot in the Alliance's Starfighter Command (SFC). Time passed, and Avatar did very well there, rising steadily, and quickly, through the ranks, becoming in time the B Division Commander, then the Executive Officer of all of SFC, then the Commanding Officer of Starfighter Command, and a member of the Alliance's High Command. A year later, Avatar was voted Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance, and he led the fight against the Empire for two years.

Call of the Force

While serving as Supreme Commander during the Alliance's attempted attack on Bastion known as Operation Nub, Avatar reached the next milestone in his life. Jedi Master Relm Hesek arrived at the Battle Group Flagship, and summoned all Alliance Battle Group personnel present to visit him. Relm tested each individual for Force sensitivity. It was a few days later when Relm came to him, alongside his comrades Reajiad Nero and Thies Windu. Avatar learned that he was sensitive to the flow of the Force, and he agreed to begin his training as a Jedi padawan under the watchful eyes of Master Relm.

For the next several years, Avatar trained with his new master and attained the hallowed rank of Jedi Master. He was also appointed as a lifetime member of the Jedi Council. When Relm vanished into the Unknown Regions to follow the call of the Force, Avatar took the leadership of the Jedi into his own hands and became Teacher of the Light. Eventually, the Force called out to Avatar. He realized that it was time for him — like Master Relm had before — to undertake a pilgrimage to the Outer Rim. He was gone for roughly two years in which time he roamed the far edges of the galaxy and meditated on the Force. At last, the Force urged him to return to the Core Worlds. Although he initially did not know why, he followed it's call once again, returning to the galaxy at large in time to witness the birth of the New Republic, and aid in several of its initial operational ventures. He now currently aides the fledgling Republic when he is needed.

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