Paul Luz

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Paul Luz
Biographical Information
Race Mirialan and Arkanian
Homeworld Ando
Physical Description
Gender male
Political Information
Affiliation Ternion Corps
Prior Affiliation Golan Technologies, Trade Federation, Kamino Medical Laboratories
  • Avance Coalition Tour of Duty Medal
  • Trade Federation Medal of Culture
  • Trade Federation Interior Veteran Medal
  • Trade Federation Distinguished Service Medal
  • Resistance Mentioned in Dispatches (x2)
  • Resistance Network News Ribbon
  • Honorary Colonel of Ternion Corp
  • BSD Operation Kowak Medal
  • Rebel Alliance Join Operations Medal
  • The Resistance Operation Kuiil Service Medal
Tac.pngMoc.pngMiv.pngDsm1.pngMMD.pngNNR.pngLt.pngRibbon Kowak.pngJoint-op-ribbon.png Op Kuiil - Arvala.jpeg

Born on Year -51, Paul Luz is a Mirialan, retired from a long career with the Avance Coalition and then the Trade Federation before retiring. He came out of retirement to serve as the Director of the cloning project at Kamino Medical Laboratories before returning to a quiet private life.

The Clone Wars and Flight From the Empire

The Luz family had been on Ando for as long as anyone could recount, building and repairing weapons in the Baragwin fashion for the seemingly endless Aqualish clan wars. While their craftsmanship was lauded, the cost of constantly moving and protection fees to the various nearby clans kept their profit margins negligible and the family could never save up enough to get their members off world. Around year -30, the family took up residence in a crumbling fortification on an island in the north-east of the planet's large ocean. Repairs and renovations began immediately, and the nomadic weaponsmiths began to put down roots and build wealth and security.

The the Clone Wars began, Ando was one of the first systems to join the Separatist Cause, and the droid army quickly set up garrisons across the planet. By late in Year -25, Ando was a major CIS depot in the sector, and the Luz family had been conscripted to make weapons for the Aqualish militias that were deploying against the Republic. The tables turned when at the year's end, Jedi General Jaska Xuzhi lead a campaign to disrupt Separatists operations in the system, and to liberate the planet if possible. Paul and his family were forced at blasterpoint to join in the Separatist defense, only later to be freed when Republic clone troopers overtook their position. However, local Aqualish tribes used the chaos to take out their frustrations by destroying the Luz compound and massacring all inside at the time. With nothing left tying them to the planet, Paul and the remaining Luz family members traded their services to the Republic in return for safe passage to Republic space and refugee status. General Xuzchi made good on her promise, and the Luz family was resettled working in the Duros shipyards repairing and upgrading weapons systems on damaged Republic warships for the rest of the war.

Little changed for the Luz family as the war ended and the Republic transitioned to the Galactic Empire. Mop up operations against Separatist holdouts, the Imperial civil war, and the growing Rebellion all ensured that work at the shipyards remained steady. However, as the years rolled on, the human-supremist attitudes of the emerging Empire made conditions inhospitable. The family gradually became isolated from their friends and coworkers, their wages dropped dramatically, leaving the family in poverty once again- practically enslaved. When the situation got bad enough, arrangements were made to smuggle the members of the family to more hospitable regions of the galaxy. Paul was taken to the Bhuna Sound system by a Duros pilot Mark Antioch who helped him find work at Golan Technologies and obtain citizen ship within what would become the Avance Coalition.

Golan Technologies

Paul was soon taken under the wing of Golan's Director, Adrian Kilstar, who taught Paul much about mass production, sales, logistics, and the sport hunting industry. He found new life and vigor in his old age. Paul quickly rose up the ranks to head up the sales department. After getting acquainted with some of the other citizens around the holonet and on business trips, he decided to look up Mark Antioch again. At first, all he could find was that he no longer worked for Golan. He found his official file and records, but they left off mysteriously. There was no record of his being fired or quitting. After a few months of tireless searching, he found out that Mark had had some type of breakdown while on a delivery, and had developed what they are calling the Lost Soul Syndrome. The symptoms were serious, though not exactly terminal. The body would remain functioning, but vegetative. Mark was only biologically alive. As they could not locate any family, and Mark showed no signs of recovery, another friend of Mark’s gave Paul some of his personal affects: a few firearms, a Golan-commemorative saber, and a robe. Paul treasures these to this day.

That friend, Shor Urra, soon joined Krey Merr as they took the reigns of Golan Technologies after Kilstar's retirement. Under their leadership Paul was able to stretch his skills and diversify his interests. In addition to processing sales, Paul was charged with negotiating sales treaties with the Trade Federation as well as setting up many promotional events and competitions for the sportsmen of the Avance Coalition and projecting what new markets Golan might expand into. It was an exciting time which required Paul to explore the fields of economics, politics, and ecology. He began to watch these issues closely and write in editorials for the Avance News Network and was eventually brought on as a reporter, serving under Editor-in-Chief Insurik Damask. The Directorship of Urra and Merr proved to be temporary as both of them returned to their previous business ventures once a replacement was decided upon by Golan's owner. Much to Paul's surprise, he was asked to accept a co-directorship alongside the shady largely absent Director Vincent Kail.

Under Paul's leadership sales were moved to be managed exclusively by the Trade Federation Marketplace as partnerships through the Galactic Concordiate brought the Federation and the Coalition closer. Paul also rebooted former-Director Kilstar's program of producing foreign goods for the Avance markets. His proudest achievement, however, came after a group of university students were attacked by poachers while studying the wildlife on one of Golan's planets. To ensure that nothing like that would happen again Paul formed the Golan Counter-poaching Division, or CPD. They were hand-selected elite security officers assigned to patrol the wilderness of Golan-managed space protecting sportsmen, researchers, and wildlife by eliminating poachers and pirates. He was surprised to find a familiar name among the applicant pool for the head of the CPD, and quickly appointed Cally McKnight as the Division's first captain. In another twist of fate, following criminal allegations Insurik Damask was forced to step down from the ANN, and Paul was elected the new Editor-in-Chief where he focused stories on galactic politics and economics, addressed overlooked public problems, and raised up the valor of everyday working sentients from around Avance.

The Scholars Guild

Paul's dual roles and Director of Golan Technologies and Editor-in-Chief of the ANN opened him up to many new worlds and reawakened his sense of curiosity. What began as smaller articles and investigations for the paper ended up as much larger research projects, and Paul was encouraged to present them to the Scholar's Guild, a nonpartisan group for academics and researchers to share their findings. His first presentation was on the Duros High House Reformation. This research took him to the surface of Duro, where he witnessed first hand what he heard about in stories while living in the orbital shipyards. The land was in ruin. He vowed to become an even stronger disciple and advocate for the truth and an end to violence. Shortly after that he became friends with several Jawa Scholars and was soon fascinated by their rich and overlooked history, culture, their stories, and their language. The Jawas seemed similar to the Duros in many ways to him. Taking a leave of absence from Golan for a short while he joined his new friends on a journey into Tatooine where he studied their language and way of life. He then found himself called to investigate newly uncovered Jawa ruins in the Dune Sea, and published his results in his award-winning piece "The Bene Alissimama." Paul would also go on to publish the official public report on Operation Deep Helm, where the Mindabaal League and the Avance Coalition rescued Jandur from economic collapse and defended it from the Bothan Media Services. This report, too, would win him several awards.

The Great Merge, Elyssia, and the Trade Federation

The Avance Coalition, like many governments, was slowly beginning to get back on its feet after the Galactic Recession. Its large infrastructure was hard to maintain after the necessary cuts to several programs and departments, and many were worried that Avance's lifespan was growing shorter. Paul became an early supporter of a merge between Avance and a compatible ally, and he was very pleased when the Trade Federation was announced as the potential partner. He used his last article for the ANN to plea his case to the people of Avance that a merge was the best move forward for everyone. The story did much to move public sentiment, and the 'Great Merge' was soon approved by a slim majority of the elite. Arklari Clise, owner of Golan Technologies and leader of House Vigihan which governed much of Golan's space, was among those who voted against the merge. Clise soon announced his plans to hold Golan and Vigihan territory back from the merge and to form its own government. Although Paul was a vocal supporter of the merge, he remained at Golan Technologies and was very active on the ground floor of what would soon become the Kingdom of Elysia. He was appointed their head of culture and was able to get his former co-Director Kail a job as head of the provisional Elysian navy. Shortly after the coronation of King Clise, however, Paul caught wind of some policies and business practices he did not approve of and after much consideration submitted his resignation from Golan and his duties to the Kingdom.

The Trade Federation was quick to offer Paul a position within their Department of Trade, where he was placed under the tutelage of Acting-Director Ted Winner with the intention of grooming Paul to manage the Southern Hub for the Federation Marketplace which was being constructed. Paul began to draw up all kinds of plans for the expansion of trade in the newly merged southern Federation territories, or the former Avance Coalition. While his work was fulfilling, he missed his former colleagues at Golan Technologies. His previous private pilot managed to join him soon at the Federation, but soon was transferred to the Department of Logistics as a freight pilot. Cally McKnight, his old friend, had chosen to stay with the CPD and aid in its transition into the ground force of the Kingdom.

Later that year, the Viceroy announced that Paul had been selected to serve as the Regional Governor of the Federation's Zuma Region which consisted of three former-Avance sectors. Around this time he was also brought on board to the Ledger, the Federation's news service, where he covered the trial of his former employer, Insurik Damask, and the surprising announcement of massive reclamation on the Forest Moon. As Governor he began touring the region, meeting with local leaders, and putting together a list of tasks and priorities to best serve the people. Under Paul's leadership the Federation-controlled planet's of Bakura all received state-of-the-art space defense systems, and Paul's advocacy moved his citizens need to the top of the lists for the various departments responsible for economic and civil development. During this time countless jobs were also brought to the Zuma sector when Centurion Arms relocated its headquarters and industry center there.

However, as productivity grew, so did the lists of tasks needed to be accomplished at the same time and Paul quickly became overwhelmed. Sensing the strain, the Federation Directorate offered Paul the chance to step down and receive a transfer back to the Department of Trade, where his particular skills and experience would be better used. Paul worked briefly for Centurion Arms and then Haven Corporation, the Federation's nationalized recycling conglomerate, before finally retiring.

House Arkoh

During his time with the Federation, Paul was approached by Dr.Con Semper for assistance in a project. Semper was part Arkanian -an extinct race- and had long been attempting to revive his people's linage through genetic experimentation and retrieve its way of life. Semper taught Paul the basics of genetics and cloning, and Paul was assigned to supervise construction and development as House Arkoh was formed. Paul assisted Semper in the early stages of the Arkanian-Offshoot program, which led to the perfection of the Semper Procedure. During this time, Semper recognized Paul's sensitivity to the Force, and began to train him as a Force user. Semper took Paul along on his travels to recover Force-related artifacts. Paul soon took to the academic study of the Force and Force cultures, and Semper appointed Paul as the supervisor of Arkoh's cultural office, library, and religious institutions. Paul assumed leadership in Semper's absence shortly before the House program was ended by the Trade Federation. No longer officially supported by the Federation, Arkoh's settlements in Trade Federation space remain vibrant centers of life for the Arkanian offshoots that live there. Paul oversees the program, but has turned over most direct administration to local officials. Paul continues the genetic therapies and cloning at Eren Research Installation and is building even more deep space settlements to expand the project.

Disease and Rebirth

During Year 17, Paul noticed himself feeling ill chronically, accompanied by feelings of weakness, acute pain, and an overall sense of 'uncenteredness.' At the urging of his closest friends and advisers Paul checked himself into Eren Research Installation - home of House Arkoh's premiere medical facility- and he was formally diagnosed with a violent strain of the Metamorphosis Plague. Paul's body was resisting the incorporation and domination of the newly introduced genetic material, and the instability caused his body to wage war on itself. It appeared that the invasive genetic code was for the Mirialan species, and though resilient it did not look like the virus had the strength to overcome Paul's dominant Baragwin genetics. The medical scientists predicted that if left unchecked the strain would prove lethal. In a rush to stabilize his condition the team of scientists and doctors decided to try a gene therapy they had recently came up with. Arkanian-derived DNA would be introduced into Paul's system in hopes that it might fill the gaps or areas of tension that were contributing to his prolonged state of limbo and illness. After two months of careful treatment Paul was discharged as a Mirialan-Arkanian Offshoot. He later discovered that the Arkanian genetics used in his treatment was donated by Con Semper.


Paul retired from the Trade Federation, sought to spend the rest of his days in peace and contemplation. The Force, however, had other plans. After a standard year of pilgrimage across the galaxy, Paul found himself at the Temple of Kyber on the planet Camden. He felt instantly drawn to the ancient structure and to its caretakers, The Guardians of the Whills. He stayed on Camden for several months, learning from the Guardians and gradually becoming involved in their life. Paul eventually took vows to the order and began serving as its chief archivist, translating and preserving its ancient texts and relics. All this came crashing down when the New Republic fell. As what was left of the Galactic Alliance and Republic forces struggled to liberate the former-Republic territory, fear swept over the remote, Outer Rim systems like Camden that had long been sympathetic to The Resistance and would now be defenseless if the Imperial Union decided to invade. Paul and other Guardians quickly began cataloguing and evacuating the countless relics and treasures that filled the temple and its holy city along with any citizens of Camden that wanted to leave. The last transports arrived at the deep space rendezvous just before the system was invaded and the planet and temple surrendered. Paul had always been neutral in the civil war, but seeing the Imperial Union endanger a holy site like the Kyber Temple radicalized him, and he began to work closely with the Resistance first in evacuating and resettling their citizens and assets, and then in assisting their astrocartogrpahy teams discover hyperlanes to connect Resistance-friendly systems.

In Year 22, Paul reconnected with his friend and mentor Con Semper. Semper had been using the cloning technology they had perfected with House Arkoh to assist in Ternion Corps mission of reproducing clones and reforming the Grand Army of the Republic. Seeing an opportunity to contribute to the fight against the Empire, Paul helped fund the cloning operations and hired several squads himself to further their training and equip his personal fleet to carry out missions for the Resistance. Eventually, Paul's work in the cloning facilities on Quantxi caught the eye of Resistance command, and Paul was asked to oversee the new cloning initiative the Resistance was starting on Kamino. Paul diligently worked to perfect that program and fortify rebel ranks with top-of-the-line clone soldiers. After leading the program for several months and seeing the Resistance stable after the previous years of conflict, Paul once again retired and returned to a quiet, private life in the outer rim.

Personal Archives

Paul has amassed many artifacts in his travels and studies.

Jedi Artifacts:

Protosaber.png Protosaber- Protosabers were early forms of lightsabers. Their hilts were connected to external powerpacks worn on the users belt or back. Paul acquired during an exploration of a Jedi temple on Arkania. He refurbished it, and uses it as his own today.

Baas belt.png Belt of Jedi Master Bodo Baas- This belt is purported to have once been owned by Jedi master Bodo Baas, of Clone Wars fame. It was gifted to Paul by Con Semper upon the completion of Paul's apprenticeship.

Jedi helm.png Jedi Temple Guard Mask -these masks were worn by those Jedi tasked with the defense of Jedi temples. While the were most associated with the temple on Coruscant, guards were also stationed at other important Jedi sites around the galaxy. Paul acquired this mask from a Clone Wars veteran who had taken it as a trophy following the Jedi purge at the war's end.

Kyber.png Kyber Crystal Shard -This shard of blue Kyber crystal was given to Paul when he was accepted into the Blue Path by the Guardians of the Whills. It serves to aid in his mediation, and allow him access to several restricted areas of the Guardians temples.

Balance.png Balance Token -Small stones like these were used as meditative aids by Jedi and even some unaffiliated Force adherents in centuries past. While in meditation, the symbol on the stone will glow as the student moves closer to a point of balance in the force. This allows younglings and new students the ability to know what balance feels like, and to have a visual representation of their progress in achieving it.

Jedi text.png Jedi Texts- This collection of Jedi texts was discovered by Vir Calder when he returned to the galaxy from the unknown regions in Year 19. He gifted the texts to Paul, who has been working on deciphering them and their hidden wisdom.

Ivory.png Register of the Whills -This tome, embossed with tiny kyber crystals, contains a record of the names and adventures of members of the Guardians of the Whills since their inception. It also contains reports of their discoveries and the locations of protected sacred sites.

Red.png Journal of the Whills -This book contains an illuminated copy of the core teachings of the Guardians of the Whills along with a collection of mantras, prayers, and rituals used by the Guardians.

Tan.png Altisian Jedi Tome' -A book discovered on an abandoned Defender-class cruiser, where Con Semper rediscovered the legacy of the Altisian Jedi Order. This book, once translated, described their history and core beliefs.

Jedi statue.png Jedi Statue - A statuette of an unknown Jedi. It was among the treasures Paul saved during the evacuation of the Temple of Kyber when it was overrun by the Imperial Union in Year 19.

Sith Artifacts:

Con mask.png Korriban Ash Mask- a mask of an unknown Sith lord discovered on Korriban. It has an aura of great power, but is unable to be removed until one completes that task for which they desired the power.

Zannahscroll.png Scroll of Darth Zannah- This contains instruction for how to mask one's presence in the Force. It was given to Paul by Semper while on an expedition to Korriban.

Sith tome.png Tome of Sith Alchemy Incantations- This tome was gifted to Paul upon completion of his apprenticeship to Con Semper and contains spells used in Sith alchemy rituals. Paul has been unable to determine the text's date, but it is very ancient.

Sith book.png Book of the Sith- An book of Sith teaching and rituals by an unknown and ancient author discovered in a temple on Bianquaros.

Compass.png Compass of Want- The origins and intention of this artifact are unknown. It is said to lead the user 'to their greatest desire'.

Amuelt.png Sith Amulet- this highly decorated gauntlet was crafted by Con Semper and given to leading members of House Arkoh. It acts as a long hololink but does not rely on the holonet.

Throne.png Sith Throne- Paul bought this off an antiquities dealer at the Jawa Swap Meet who simply through it was an ancient piece of furniture. While it was been shown to be a Sith-related object from around 1000-2000 years ago, Paul has not yet discovered its exact origins.

Ancient Shard of the Obelisk of Bogan small.png Shards of Bogan- a piece of a powerful dark side nexus from a destroyed planet. Paul acquired his shard from famed treasure-hunter Ethan Travis.

The Singular.jpg The Tether Stone- also purchased from Travis, this mysterious crystalline formation converts matter to dark matter. Because of its many unknown and dangerous properties it is kept locked away in a repository.

Chalice.png Sith Censer- This censer is made out of precious metal and was used to burn incense at a Sith temple or palace. It was entrusted to Paul by Vir Calder after his brief entanglement with the One Sith.

Historical Artifacts:

Paulbelt.png House Arkoh Belt -This belt was acquired by the Reclamation Corp on a trip to Arkania. It is believed to date back to the golden era of the original House Arkoh. Paul wears it acting as the head of the reconstituted house.

Peach.png Mysterious Book -A mysterious book written in an unknown language on an unknown subject. Paul believes it to be related to the Rakata, or another lost civilization, but nothing has been definitively proven yet.

SagoshDataDevice100x100.png Sagosh Data Core- This data core was once used in Sagosh war droids.

SagoshWarDroidHead100x100.png Sagosh War Droid Head- The head of a legendary Sagosh war droid.

Generator.png Defunct Rakatan Power Generator- One of the Relics of Rakatan Empire in Paul's collection. Although it no longer functions, Paul hopes to glean information from its design.

EnergyPillar.png Rakatan Energy Pillar- One of the Relics of Rakatan Empire in Paul's collection.

Jobreth.png Jobreth Relic- This red, six-sided star has a purple Jabiimite crystal in its center. It was discovered on one of the Jobreth islands on Jabiim, though Paul has been unable to deduce much more from it.

Jpen.png Jabiimite Pendant - This pendant of Jabiimite crystal, acquired on an expedition to Jabiim, is generally believed to be a symbol of great wealth or influence. Little is known about who may have wore it before.