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==[[Year 10]]==
==[[Year 10]]==
* '''Day 12:''' Former Trade and Industry Minister [[Zeff Traner]] is elected the fourth [[Chief of State]] of the New Republic in the first round.
* '''Day 51:''' Vodo Bonias is grievously injured. Pro Consul [[Arturus Goth]] is appointed Regent and introduces reforms to the Imperial government.
* '''Day 54:''' [[New Republic]] forces capture Imperial Moff [[Mitth`oro`nuruodo]] on Csilla.
* '''Day 58:''' President [[Brat Cost Ru]] of BlasTech Corporation and Grand Seneschal [[Frezt Raleigh]] of the Krath Dynasty sign a peace treaty on [[Shesharile the Great]].
* '''Day 60:''' The [[Hutt Cartel]] is founded by [[Voragga Zuuma]] and [[Tobbo Nokko]] from the ashes of [[Angobba the Hutt]]'s former council.
* '''Day 66:''' Admiral [[Calor Assam]] is assassinated. Fleet Admiral [[Slicer]] and Brigadier General [[Bacara Kex]] are arrested under suspicion of their involvement.
* '''Day 72:''' [[Moff]] [[Orphaea Imperium]] of the [[Galactic Empire]] seizes control of the [[Corporate Sector Authority]].
* '''Day 112:''' [[Wilhelm von Ismay]] of the [[Anzatan Commonwealth]] is purportedly assassinated. [[Keishi Miahr]] replaces him.
* '''Day 119:''' The DarkLight Security Force is founded.  Looting means that it doesn't last long before dissolving.
* '''Day 166:''' [[Borr Fedick]], 2IC of [[Black Dust Industries]], defects to [[Eidola]], this action triggered the [[Battle for Pzech and Pzat]].
* '''Day 271:''' [[CryoMed Laboratories]] is founded. Formed by [[Anakin Aikinar]] and [[Obi Wan Soares]]. Saving is what we do. Because We Care.
* '''Day 363:''' [[ZeroGravNomads]] is renamed to [[Phoenix Recycling Corporation]].
==[[Year 11]]==
==[[Year 11]]==

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This is a chronological list of significant or noteworthy events in the history of the galaxy. For the summary of events leading up to the Galactic Civil War see History of the Galaxy.

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The Galactic Empire officially acknowledges the existence of the Rebel Alliance, following a Rebel declaration of war.

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