The Kingdom of Elysia

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Kingdom of Elysia
Elysian Logo Shield.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader First Warden Atan Ona-teac
Owner Arklari von Vigihan
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 149
Political Information
Affiliation The Endor Pact
Industry Religion
Holosite Kingdom of Elysia Holosite



The Kingdom of Elysia was formed on the Year 16 Day 13 after the prosperity brought to the Gendius System drew the attention of local leaders in the sectors of Yushan, Gendius, Sombure, and the Cerean Quadrant, who were experiencing political and economic instability as a result of the growing rumors of everything from a dissolution of the Avance Coalition to a merge with the Trade Federation. Many private discussions and public meetings between representatives from House Vigihan and the interested parties were soon held, and the leaders of those sectors decided to remove themselves from the Coalition's confusion and swear fealty to the newly crowned King Arklari Clise in the hope the same prosperity would be brought to them. The Kingdom of Elysia, already claiming the nationalised company Golan Technologies, soon moved to included the Czerka Corporation under the sovereignty of the Kingdom in order to further it's need for raw materials and the advanced geological surveys the company utilized.

Among the various worlds of the Kingdom are the homeworlds of the Cereans and Advozse, two worlds of many that have sworn fealty to the Kingdom and have already began to feel the effects that an increased production and development effort has had on the local economies.

Government and Politics

The Kingdom runs as an autocratic monarchy, with full executive power laying with the sovereign. This executive power has also been passed down to the position of Chancellor, which was held by Revan Jones until Year 16, Day 132. Along with the King and the Chancellor the remaining sections of the kingdoms leadership are held among the Council of Lords, with a Lord or Lady overseeing the most important parts of the Kingdom in order to ensure the safety and prosperity of all it's citizens.

Society and Culture




Kingdom of Elysia
Subsidiaries Golan Technologies · Czerka Corporation
Allies Rift Alliance Krath Dynasty · The Death Watch · Eriadu Authority · Matukai Dragons · Chiss Ascendancy · Corporate Alliance · Pentastar Alignment · Empire of the Hand · Kingdom of Elysia · The Black Hand
Other Allies
Sectors & Houses
Sectors Cerean Quadrant · Gendius · Sombure · Yushan (Capital Sector)
Houses House Vigihan (Ruling) · House Reen · House of Natural Mystics · House Blackscale
Branches Department of Defence · Department of Infrastructure · Department of Logistics · Crown Corporations