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Tomas o`Cuinn
Biographical Information
Race Hapan / Cyborg
Homeworld Charubah
Residence Gree system
Close Family Maeveen o`Cuinn (mother) †
Culain o`Cuinn (father) †
Kelwyn o`Cuinn (brother)
Kelton o`Cuinn (brother)
Victor o`Cuinn (nephew)
Spouse Unknown
Children Unknown
Born Year 30 (BCGT)
Languages Fluent: Galactic Basic, Hapan, Mando'a
Limited: Binary, Huttese
Religion Manda
Quote "If a man paints a target on his chest, he should expect that sooner or later someone will take the shot."
Networth 4,801,346,114 AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png (calculated with market values)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.79 meters
Weight 200lbs (90kg)
Eye Color Blue/Green
Hair Color Brown
Political Information
Political Standing Neutral
Citizenship Trade Federation (level 1)
Affiliation Gree Trade Authority
Positions Vice President of the Gree Trade Authority
Vice President of the Gree Mining Authority
Ruus'alor of clan Dael'mor
Governor of the Gree system
Patriarch of the Cuinn Family
Prior Affiliation GenoHaradan (Marshal)
Black Sun (Director)
Hyrotii Corporation (Chief Operations Officer)
Black Watch (Intelligence Officer)
Awards No formal awards
Numerous rewards for loyalty and dedication
Signature Cuinn Signature.png

Tomas o`Cuinn is a well-known entrepreneur with extensive galactic interests, strongly focusing on planetary infrastructure and starship trafficking, and currently serves as the Vice President of the Gree Trade Authority corporation, Governor of the Gree system and Patriarch of the Cuinn Family. He is also a Mandalorian convert of the clan Dael'mor, a citizen of the Trade Federation and a veteran sabacc player, having both won and lost fortunes while playing the high-stakes game. He originally gained widespread recognition for his profit-driven trading career along with galactic notoriety for his public position with the Black Sun crime syndicate before being forced out of the organization in Year 14 (CGT). Cuinn served as the leader of GenoHaradan from the 208th to the 267th day of Year 15 (CGT), after which he resigned and founded the Gree Trade Authority.



Working as an architect on Kiffex

Born sometime in Year 30 (BCGT) to parents Culain and Maeveen on the planet of Charubah, Tomas o`Cuinn was the oldest of three children; Kelton and Kelywn were born four and six years later. The Cuinn family owned a successful real estate business that allowed the three kids to enjoy a privileged childhood among a number of uncles, aunts and cousins. An adolescent interest in architecture would lead Tomas to attend the University of Charubah, where he would graduate with honors in Year 6 (BCGT) with an advanced degree in architectural engineering. With little interest in eventually taking over the family business, he would accept a design position with an intergalactic architecture firm that allowed him to remain at home on Charubah. An interest of traveling the galaxy and personally experiencing different cultures would eventually take root, leading him to request an off world assignment just a few years later. His firm readily approved his request, sending Tomas to assist with a contract on the distant war-torn world of Kiffex.

The Kiffar are a historically violent people, continuously fighting amongst themselves while harboring an intense distrust of outsiders. The lack of collaboration among the Kiffar had limited their technological development, leading many of the southern clans, much wealthier and culturally refined than their northern kinsmen, to seek advanced designs for their estates and cities from other worlds. Thus, a certain intergalactic architecture firm won the consulting bid and dispatched a number of experienced personnel, including Tomas, to oversee the contract. Unbeknown to them, however, Kiffex was controlled from the shadows by the Black Sun crime syndicate, who did not appreciate business being conducted in their territory without their approval and a cut of the profit. To express their displeasure, they abducted Tomas’ team and dumped them inside a specialized prison.

Designed as a death camp for the most unruly of Kiffex's criminals, the prison served as a source of revenue for the syndicate via underground gambling on broadcasted fights between prisoners. Eager to maximize their profit, the syndicate would train the prisoners in basic forms of melee combat and self-defense - a match between knowledgeable and experienced fighters drew more bets than a clumsy and one-sided brawl. As an incentive to promote enthusiastic fighting and overall bloodshed, the prisoners were regularly promised the chance to earn their freedom by making the syndicate a specific amount of galactic credits via outside bets on their personal victories. The more violent the fight, the more bets would pour in. While a few did allegedly earn their freedom, the majority voluntarily marched towards their looming death while clinging to strands of hope. The enslaved fighters were referenced by their family names, and as such, Tomas became known simply as Cuinn.

Though he had truly enjoyed a privileged childhood, one of the core concepts in Cuinn's family was that every member should be capable of defending themselves and one another. To this end, combat training sessions preempted by and followed with relaxed meditation were daily rituals for the family younglings, with focused intensity increasing as age increased. Each individual was expected to achieve an intermediate understanding and ability in the family's chosen martial art, Teräs Käsi, which favored speed and the anticipation of strikes over brute force. Due to this childhood training, Cuinn experienced little difficulty in defending himself against his roughly trained opponents, though his reluctance to strike offensively quickly led to regular beat downs by the syndicate enforcers as a strictly defensive fighter brought few bets. Typically employing knucklers and CS-12 Stun Masters, the relentlessly brutal beatings swiftly wore down Cuinn's resolve and strength, leading to mistakes and additional pain during the broadcasted fights he was still forced into. Eventually the torture and stress built to levels he was unable to tolerate, causing a massively violent psychotic break during a melee. Mercilessly executing his aggressor, Cuinn continued to blindly brutalize the man's body before being pulled off by armored guards, though their reward was the immediate focus of his uncontrolled rage. He was quickly taken down by a blaster, set to stun, following their savage demise.

Cuinn awoke refreshed, having released much of his anger and stress, in a strangely dark room. A chair under him and a table to the front, he slowly took in his surroundings as he recalled what had happened. Only realizing that someone was sitting across from him when they spoke, he soon came to discover that he was being vetted.

Black Sun

Family. Honor. Profit.

The Black Sun Enforcer

Though initially recruited as a small-time enforcer, much of Cuinn's extensive history within the Black Sun crime syndicate had been shrouded in secrecy. Since his departure from the organization, he has released some of the details regarding his employment. What is known is that he is a veteran of both the Woldona VII and Malicar II development projects, constructing homes and jobs for more than 155 billion civilians and creating over 1.05 billion credits in additional monthly revenue for the syndicate. He also fought against the United Rebel Front during the Battle of Axxila, securing complete control of the Ciutric Sector. He also served as the Chief Operating Officer of the (now defunct) Hyrotii Corporation for some time, providing assistance to his good friend Rexan Vyrim during a period of increased raw material requirements. Cuinn personally re-wrote the Black Sun Code of Conduct, expanding its coverage and refining the format for an increased understanding, along with designing the entire training program that turned inexperienced recruits into knowledgeable and efficient members. He served as middle ground between the Family Council and junior members, handling various personnel issues and relaying council orders throughout the chain of command. Near the end of his career with the syndicate, Cuinn was the highest ranking officer and headed up the ("Indoctrination") Recruitment and Training division, while also working as an intelligence officer and senior member of Black Watch.

Shortly after the Black Sun takeover of Xanxus Drol’s company, The Guild Bank, in early-to-mid Year 14 (CGT), Cuinn publicly sold off hundreds of the seized assets for vastly reduced prices compared to the market standard at the time. Cuinn's sales, even at reduced pricing, resulted in a net profit of almost 2 billion galactic credits for Black Sun. He was rewarded with a portion of the profits and an extra promotion for his role in the affair along with quickly accomplishing the massive amount of additional work without issue. The large number of sales and unusually low pricing also helped to build his public presence in the trading community.

His proven loyalty and dedicated work ethic were rewarded numerous times by both Dark Prince Banquo Knox and Dark Princess Cait Catra. Despite a career demanding nothing short of respect, one of Alexander von Ismay’s initial moves as the newly-appointed Dark Prince was to force Cuinn out of the syndicate on the 354th day of Year 14 (CGT).


After he was forced out of Black Sun in Year 14 (CGT), Cuinn returned home to Charubah for the first time in over a decade. He reunited with his family and contemplated retirement, having amassed more than enough credits to comfortably live out the remainder of his life. This comfort and relaxation was cut short with an assassination attempt on his life early in Year 15 (CGT).

Destruction caused by thorium charges

A trio of would-be assassins infiltrated Cuinn’s family estate, intent on quietly executing him with blade-like precision before destroying the entire compound with thorium charges. Their failure to take Failinis, his warfare-trained vornskr, into account would prove to be their downfall. Their successful entrance into Cuinn’s sleeping chambers was rewarded by the angry vornskr, its whip-like tail subduing one while sharp teeth bit into the throat of another. Awakened instantly by the noise, Cuinn had grabbed his durasteel sword and immediately engaged the remaining assassin. His years of practice and training proved to be more than a match for his opponent as Cuinn managed to disarm his attacker's vibroblade, but this only caused the desperate assassin to prematurely detonate a dozen thorium charges placed around the estate. The resulting explosion ravaged the area, collapsing the building and killing many of the occupants – both of Cuinn’s parents, five cousins, three uncles, two aunts and a number of family retainers. Cuinn was dragged from the still-collapsing facility by his vornskr and recovered by his brother, Kelwyn.

He awoke a few weeks later in the Athakam MedTech hospital Kelwyn had rushed him to. Groggy from pain medication and the long slumber, he slowly realized that his arms felt quite differently than he recalled. The medical staff explained the extent of his injuries, including the advanced cybernetic arms that had replaced the badly damaged limbs remaining after the explosion. His left eye had been ripped apart by shrapnel and removed, a cybernetic replacement installed in its place. Fifty percent of his body had been covered by second-degree burns, his chest and arms receiving the majority. Though his arms had been replaced entirely, his chest dermis and epidermis had been supplanted permanently with synthskin. Later conversations with his surviving family would lead to the reviewing of holorecords and the recovered bodies of the assassins, though Cuinn already recognized the tactics due to his extensive experience in Black Sun operations. The forensic tests confirmed what Cuinn suspected – the trio were members of the criminal syndicate, his former employer. Alucard Tepes, a long-term Blades officer, had led the two lower-ranking members, Monte Kase and Ryan Skirata, in the operation. Cuinn had been blacklisted and declared an enemy of Black Sun by Alexander von Ismay on the first day of Year 15 (CGT), the same day as the attempt on his life.

Furious over the attack, Cuinn arranged future protection for his remaining family through GenoHaradan and focused his attention entirely on their operations. His experience as a Black Watch intelligence officer proved to be quite useful coupled with his

Many a day was spent plotting revenge

knowledge of Black Sun's operations. He was even able to utilize his expertise in architectural engineering by designing the new shield networks that protect GenoHaradan facilities, along with designing the facilities themselves.

Using the intelligence they had taken, the GenoHaradan were instrumental in removing Black Sun forces from the Gree System and turning control over to a newly formed system government, the Gree Trade Authority. Nyar and Cuinn, now full-time GenoHaradan operatives, persuaded their colleagues to contract the Mandalorian clan Dael'mor, led by their close friends and former Dark Princesses Cait Catra and Niobe Asha, to assist with taking and holding the system from a plausible counterattack, but the criminal syndicate never managed to respond. In exchange for their assistance and continued support, the local government agreed to allow GenoHaradan to freely operate out of the Gree System. Syndicate leader Alexander von Ismay posted a news article informing the galaxy that the system was a gift to the leadership who had handed him his throne.[1] Later on, Alexander would contradict himself and state that the gifts had actually been stolen, declaring a select number of GenoHaradan and Dael'mor members as enemies of Black Sun.[2]

Gree Trade Authority

Realizing that his grief could never be repaired with anger and death, Cuinn resigned from his position within the GenoHaradan organization a few months after the liberation of the Gree. Working closely with the newly independent citizens of the system, he helped found the Gree Trade Authority as a system-based government focused on promoting economic growth, allowing him to focus on new creations instead of the destruction of his previous employer. Accepting a generous employment offer from the freshly formed Gree leadership council, Cuinn stepped into the role of Chairman and focused on rebuilding the infrastructure that was suppressed during the criminal syndicate's occupation. Designing a massive network of cities, he tasked the Gree Trade Authority with developing the planets in the system. Though their focus was on vastly expanding the residential and industrial systems, every opportunity was taken to strengthen the aging defensive emplacements on each of the planets.

Supplemental Information

Chairman of the Gree Trade Authority


Cuinn is a Hapan of standard build standing 1.79 meters in height, rather unimposing and disarming in appearance. Both of his arms have been replaced by advanced cybernetic prosthetics while the dermis and epidermis of his chest have been permanently supplanted with synthskin due to extensive second-degree burns. Prior to the burns and subsequent skin replacement, his torso had worn a lifetime of scars from years spent training and fighting. After the assassination attempt in Year 15 (CGT), there are only few moments where he will shed the protection of his custom-forged set of heavy battle armour and helmet, though it is usually worn beneath either a synthetic business suit or Morellian oilcoat. An Imperial-built Nightstinger sniper rifle hangs on his back, held by a sling around his torso. His custom-forged blade hangs from his belt, sheathed on the right hip. To complement the Nightstinger’s range and his sword’s melee, Cuinn carries a pair of modified ELG-3A blasters, one strapped to his left thigh and the other on the rear of his belt.

Recklessly testing his combat prowess against a krayt dragon


His business dealings with the Mandalorian clan Dael'mor only proved to strengthen Cuinn's interest in the Mandalorian culture. Guided by Cait Catra and Niobe Asha, he adopted the Mandalorian way of life and began adhering to the Resol'nare, though he would neither receive invitation nor request membership of any aliit. Standing dar'tome and without any vode, he would adopt a ramikadyc and title of Ruus'alor, intent to carve his own path in the galaxy. Eventually the relationship between Dael'mor and Cuinn would intensify and evolve, leading to an invitation of membership. He readily accepted, joining the secluded Mandalorian clan and taking the offered seat at their table.

Though only recently a Mandalorian convert, Cuinn has spent a lifetime engaging in training and combat, the experience of which allowed him to easily adjust to the warrior culture. To keep his skills honed, he has hunted a number of different species of dangerous animals such as krayt dragons, acklays and reeks. While employed by Black Sun, he also volunteered for security patrols with The Blades, their military division, and has taken the same practice up with the Gree Trade Authority’s security and law enforcement department.

Educational Background

Cuinn's adolescent interest in architectural engineering led him to the University of Charubah where he pursued and eventually earned an advanced degree in the field, graduating an entire standard year early and at the top of his class. He was able to draw on this education in the future, working for Black Sun to build homes and jobs for more than 155 billion people. Cuinn is currently using this experience to spearhead a development program in the Gree system, creating residences and places of employment for the rapidly expanding population of immigrants and refugees on the gaseous world Gree I, where over 1 billion new civilians have been taken in and absorbed into the local communities.

Trading Career

Cuinn’s trading career began with the sale of a Nu-Class Attack Shuttle, which was gifted to him, to Leah Asalah on the 331th day of Year 13 (CGT). He immediately adopted a profit-based business model and used the liquid capital from his initial sale to jump start a starship trafficking business, purchasing derelict vessels for a fraction of their value and restoring them for resale. Since then, his trading business’ public records indicate that he has earned more than four billion credits in net profit. Cuinn’s quarterly business reports, however, suggest he has made almost twice that amount. Whatever his actual income, the number is presumably vastly inflated due to the widely-fluctuating market value of starships and his assignment from Black Sun to sell off The Guild Bank's assets in Year 14 (CGT). As of the 122nd day of Year 16 (CGT), Cuinn has personally moved more than 29,000,000,000 credits through the Centrepoint Market in 625 individual business transactions.

The Galactic Businessman

Armor & Armament

Though heavily outfitted, Cuinn believes in surrounding himself with trustworthy and security-oriented allies since the assassination attempt on his life. A highly cohesive unit of veteran Abyssin soldiers, twelve-strong, serves as his personal escort while in public and otherwise vulnerable locations. His personal Droideka, nicknamed Ver'gebuir, is his constant companion and bodyguard regardless of location.

Naval Fleet

Throughout his lifetime, Cuinn has managed to accrue a sizable fortune that partially serves as funding for his growing collection of rarer-than-usual starships. His naval fleet is not listed on any government registry and maintains no standard prefix, but every ship boasts a name in the Mando'a language and typically a paint scheme of dark steel and green, though a few of the ships maintain their own unique image. The following ships are just a few of the more noteworthy craft:

Ke'gyce KeldabRuusaar be ParjaiKaryai Mar'eOribru Mirshmure'cyaRanov'la UdesTaab'echaaj'la VodCan'gal Mirshmure'cyaNuhaatyc OrilinBes'uliik be Gra'tuaRamikadyc T'adBeskaryc BirikadHodasal be Iviin'ycBralir Burcyan

A Matter of Race (Metamorphosis Plague)

It is unknown whether Cuinn was personally affected when the Metamorphosis Plague raged across the galaxy in Year 14 (CGT). However, numerous reports from routine security scans have since surfaced with varying results in regards to his DNA. These conflicting scans, all between Year 14 and Year 15 (CGT), have classified him as Amani, Anx, Anzati, Diathim, Gotal, Kaleesh and Whiphid. While his physical appearance is obviously that of a Human [[::Category:Males|male]], Cuinn has said simply that he was injected with an experimental DNA scrambler while working as an operative for Black Watch, the purpose of which was to mask his identity from enemy detection and prevent collection and/or manipulation of his DNA. While this claim isn't likely to be proven anytime soon, there are a number of rumors in circulation about Cuinn's actual race, the most interesting of which suggests that he is actually Clawdite. He has dismissed these rumors as silliness, publicly maintaining that he is simply a true-born Human of Hapan ancestry.

Lineage of the Cuinn Family

1st Generation
2nd Generation
3rd Generation
4th Generation
Raghnall Cuinn
Cerdwyn Cuinn

  • Blood relation or spouse
  • - - - Adopted
  • Deceased

A rare moment of respite


Vice President (Gree Trade Authority)
Preceded By:
Arika Cavoh
Tomas o`Cuinn
Day 214 — Present
Succeeded By:
Lord (Rennokk)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Tomas o`Cuinn
Day 126Day 214 of Year 16 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Position Abolished
Chairman, President and CEO (Gree Trade Authority)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Tomas o`Cuinn
Day 267 of Year 15Day 214 of Year 16 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Arika Cavoh
Governor (Gree system)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Tomas o`Cuinn
Day 203 of Year 15 (CGT) — Present
Succeeded By:
Marshal (GenoHaradan)
Preceded By:
Nyarlathotep Alaks
Tomas o`Cuinn
Day 208Day 267 of Year 15 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Director of Indoctrination (Black Sun)
Preceded By:
Corwyn Zythor
Tomas o`Cuinn
Day 324 of Year 13Day 354 of Year 14 (CGT)
Succeeded By:
Position Abolished