Azalus Outmian

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Azalus Outmian
Azalus Outmian Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Noghri / Falleen (DNA Hybrid)
Homeworld Reltooine (Genetic Laboratory)
Born Unknown
Died Year 14 Day 142
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Coloring Bluish Reptilian skin
Black hair
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Black eyes
Political Information
Affiliation Mandroxan Syndicate
Rank Former President (Mandroxan Syndicate)
Positions Former Majordomo (Hutt Cartel)
Prior Affiliation The Hutt Cartel

Azalus Outmian — an appellation that translates as "Dangerous Outsider" in Huttese battle language — was a genetically-engineered lifeform created in one of Voragga Zuuma Ajurr's illicit laboratories in an ill-fated experiment to engineer the perfect warrior-slave. Splicing Noghri and Falleen DNA strands, the final product proved to be a dangerously uncontrollable life-form.

Despite Azalus' unpredictable temperament, Voragga chose to keep the genetic hybrid and tested his mettle in his gladiator pits. Tutored by the Hutt Cartel's war-masters, Azalus emerged a savage killer and roamed the distant stars murdering the adversaries of Lord Voragga's Cartel. As his reward, Azalus was eventually appointed by Voragga as the majordomo of his criminal sultanate. Azalus proved to be an adept administrator but, growing bored, he relinquished the position. On Year 13 Day 232, he founded the infamous Mandroxan Syndicate, a weapon manufacturing company.

In his prime, Azalus stood roughly 1.8 meters tall with black hair, black-on-black eyes, and bluish reptilian skin due to the mixture of Noghri/Falleen DNA. He often wore dark close-fitting garments and a long Trandoshan-skin overcoat. He had clawed hands and feet. He was fond of females of any species and frequently over-indulged in ryll spice in order to momentarily forget his blood-spattered past.

Circa Year 14 Day 142, Azalus' lifeless form was discovered by his stunned bodyguards in his exotic harem. A preliminary examination of his corpse revealed his throat had been gorily cut from ear-to-ear, although his body was so loaded with ryll spice that he would have been dead anyway. Intergalactic tabloids claimed that he succumbed to one or all of his vices at the same time.


A Genetic Hybrid

Azalus was genetically-engineered in one of Voragga Zuuma Ajurr's illegal laboratories.

The germ of Azalus' life began in a green test-tube in one of Voragga Zuuma Ajurr's illegal genetics laboratories on Reltooine. It was the first and last foray by the loathsome Hutt into the field of gene manipulation in an attempt to engineer the perfect warrior-slave. Voragga desired a life-form that would be muscular, dexterous, and hard-working; thus, he mixed Noghri DNA with a variety of other species. The result would resemble a tall, bluish Noghri, but with reptilian skin due to the spliced-in Falleen DNA. However, unbeknownst to Voragga, the final product would not be a meek servant; in fact, it would be a dangerously uncontrollable mutant. After a "volunteer" host mother was artificially inseminated with the mutated DNA, the fertilized egg that would one day be Azalus was carried for nine months and then birthed. The mewling infant that was cut from the surrogate's womb never saw its host mother, although some later told Azalus that Voragga fed her to his rancor.

Azalus matured rapidly due to accelerated growth hormones. Within weeks, he was carried down to Voragga's dungeon and given to a cruel Rodian henchman who kept him chained naked under a metal table. When the henchman ate, he would throw scraps to the hybrid child at his feet, like a wild Renan blood-wolf. The Rodian insisted the growling brat must learn who was master, and he often kicked him to demonstrate his superiority. From this experience, Azalaus soon realized that the strong do what they wish and the weak suffer what they must. After years of this brutality, a tall Twi'leki majordomo visited the dungeon and brought the boy some rags. Once clothed, the snarling boy was taken from the nighted dungeon to Voragga's opulent court and, for the first time, he glimpsed the gangster's throne room.

After so many years of captive darkness, Azalus barely fathomed the phantasmagorical debauchery around him. The sputtering torches brightly illuminated the revels in Voragga's throne room, where the plunderers, deserters, smugglers, and rapists of the galaxy held their carnival of damned souls. Encircling a gladiator pit, the bloated Hutt sultan, his equally corpulent cousin Tobba Nokko and their dim-witted sycophants cheered as alien combatants battled to the death while Gamorrean thugs, well paid with stained Huttese coins, stood guard over the vile bloodsport. The stench of Corellian wine and rank oily bodies assaulted Azalus' short sensitive nose, as the thunderous clamor of drinking jacks hammered on roughly-hewn tables confused his auditory senses.

The Gladiator Pit

Without warning, the Twi'leki majordomo kicked Azalus, a mere youth, into the gladiator pit situated in the center of the throne room. As Voragga the Hutt mirthlessly watched from his iron dais and smoked his hookah pipe, Azalus fought a fearsome gundark with salivating jaws and curved tusks. At first, the onlookers expected the furry, howling beast would rip the mutant youngling apart but — after blinding the beast's eyes with his own claws — Azalus sank his razor-sharp fangs into its pulsing jugular and felt the life-blood ooze from its twitching form. Savoring the mutant's kill, Voragga, Tobba, and their underlings roared with fiendish delight and placed a knotted garland of womp-rat skulls around the youth's neck. They christened him, "Bo," a Huttese slang-word for "Number One." This victory, however, was to be only his first test. For months afterward, Azalus was pitted against countless strange aliens and nightmarish star-beasts for the amusement of the motley crowd. With each fight, his soul became more hardened. Life and death became the same. He cared only that the crowd would be there to greet his entrance in Voragga's throne room with howls of lust and fury. Through their sadistic jubilation at each life he took, Azalus began to comprehend his sense of worth. During those fleeting moments of victory when he towered over his slain foes, he somehow mattered — as a killer and as a champion to sate the blood-lust of the court revelers. Even so, he knew that none would mourn him if he was slain, and the same onlookers would cheer as loudly if his opponent won.

In time, his gruesome victories in the gladiator-pits could not be counted. Now deemed a great prize by his handlers, he was taken to Voragga's academy where the Cartel's war-masters such as Karl the Wookiee and Vosh Omega instructed him in the martial arts. Language and writing were also made available to him as well as the ornate weaponry of the fabled Mandalorians. During this time, Azalus also came to know the pleasures of many unwilling females of various species and was allowed to breed with the finest stock. But, always, there remained the discipline of combat, the daily struggle to survive, and the prospect of death at a moment's notice. Amid these hard lean months with the Cartel war-masters, he was subjected to further trials of pitiless combat and tutored by an Ithorian renegade in advanced tactics. During these sessions, he noticed that Rupert Havok, the new majordomo of the Cartel whose features were always masked, observing his progress from a distance. Eventually, the masked human became his sole friend and mentor. From Havok, Azalus learned that no one in this galaxy can you trust: Not Hutts, not Jedis, not Zeltron harlots, not males, not females, not beasts. You can trust only yourself. It was a lesson he would never forget.

Assassin in the Night

Azalus became a notable assassin for Voragga's Hutt Cartel and specialized in night-time assassination missions on backwater worlds.

On his sixteenth birthday, Azalus was dispatched by the Hutts on his first mission: The ignominious execution of one of Voragga's former business associates, Zoox Vedon. This required him to dwell in diseased tenements on Altyr V among spice-addicts for weeks and ingratiate himself with various ryll dealers, as well as their painted Zeltron harlots. One evening, although doped up on ryll spice and barely aware of his surroundings, Azalus soundlessly crept into Vedon's sleeping chamber and, unsheathing his favorite Kerarthorr rykk blade, he sliced open the dealer's fleshy throat with one quick strike. He then cut out the dealer's heart with his claws to take back to Lord Voragga as proof.

His success in this mission earned him his new adult name, "Azalus Outmian" — "dangerous outsider" in the Huttese tongue — and thus began his steady rise within the leadership of the Hutt Cartel. He participated in many battles, forays, infiltrations and smuggling operations, including the short but decisive war against the Galactic Intelligence Agency, a rival criminal syndicate that unwisely attempted on Year 10 Day 184 to establish a foothold on a neighboring planet in the Kailor system. Annoyed by this clumsy incursion, Lord Voragga surreptitiously declared war upon the Agency.

After infiltrating its ranks, the Cartel unmasked the Agency's inept schemes to embezzle various businessmen and succeeded in black-listing its prominent leaders from the trading community. As a more vindictive rebuke, Voragga instructed Azalus Outmian to execute one of the Agency's cowardly personnel, cut off his ear with a vibro-knife, and place the grisly appendage at the entrance of the Agency's pristine headquarters. Shortly thereafter, the fearful Agency dissolved on Year 10 Day 188 and Voragga hosted a victory banquet at his desert alcazar with Azalus as the feted guest-of-honor.

Voragga's Majordomo

Feth Ophoxi succeeded Azalus as majordomo of Voragga's Cartel.

After the unexpected disappearance of Rupert Havok, Azalus was chosen by Voragga to become the new majordomo. He spent months consolidating the Cartel's assets and establishing outposts on backwater worlds. Their influence soon spread to most cities in Hutt Space. Two or three years prior, the Cartel had been just another "Hutt personality cult," but now they were everywhere. It was rumored in the black markets that they were deceivers who murdered innocents in the night, but any witnesses claimed to know nothing.

As majordomo, Azalus soon accrued a vast fortune and even an exotic harem of ryll-addicted strumpets. However, although wealth can be wonderful, success can test one's mettle as surely as the strongest adversary. Thus he faced a problem he had never known before: Boredom. He longed for a more dangerous life, and Voragga sensed his ennui. At length, a blue-skinned Duros star-pilot named Feth Ophoxi was chosen by Voragga the Hutt to replace Azalus and to revitalize the Cartel. This transition in power meant that Azalus could focus more on other endeavors. Shortly thereafter, Azalus founded the notorious Mandroxan Syndicate, a weapons manufacturing company. This organization — which was completely separate from Voragga's business empire — still allowed him to participate in the Cartel at a decision-making level. He wanted to seize the galaxy by the throat and make it give him what he desired.

Circa Year 14 Day 142, Azalus' lifeless corpse was found in his harem, his throat cut from ear-to-ear, and his bloodstream so loaded with ryll spice that he would have perished regardless. The reason for his demise was unknown. Several rumors circulated that he had succumbed to one or all of his vices at the same time. As no credits were on his corpse and his strumpets refused to pay for his burial, his body was thrown into the gutter by his former bodyguards and devoured by wild dogs.

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Majordomo of the Hutt Cartel
Preceded By:
Azalus Outmian
Unknown — Year 12 Day 164
Succeeded By:
Feth Ophoxi

Ruler of the Mandroxan Syndicate
Preceded By:
Asmo Bodan
Azalus Outmian
Year 14 Day 6Year 14 Day 142
Succeeded By:
Orto Kai