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==[[Year 7]]==
==[[Year 7]]==
[[Image:SWC-screenshot.jpg|thumb|right|250px|The [http://compedia.wikia.com/wiki/Image:SWC-screenshot.jpg cockpit screen] circa Year 7.]]
* '''Day 17:''' [[Triumvirate Security Force]] is formed.
* '''Day 72:''' [[Tam Dowmeia]] of [[Sienar Extractions]] is [[Sienar was given terms of surrender and refused. Now their 2IC is dead. - Year 7 Day 72|assassinated]] by the [[Eidola Pirates]].
* '''Day 88:''' The [[New Anzat Order]] declares war on the [[Galactic Empire]].
* '''Day 122:''' [[Oops! They did it again! - Year 7 Day 122|Shrike Templar]], an Imperial grunt, is eliminated by the [[Eidola Pirates]].
* '''Day 147:''' [[Outer Rim Excavations]] is formed.
* '''Day 157:''' [[The War on Weskerism - Year 7 Day 157|Bryce Wesker]] and [[The War on Weskerism - Year 7 Day 157|Warrick Wesker]] are murdered by Eidola.
* '''Day 221:''' [[Orion Silverhelm]], leader of the [[Corporate Sector Authority]], is replaced by [[Midge Cellewan]].
* '''Day 224:''' The [[Eidola Pirates]] [[Eidola writes a short biography about the man they just killed. - Year 7 Day 224|execute]] Krythan Rogers.
* '''Day 225:''' [[Wilhelm von Ismay]] steps down as Regent of the [[New Anzat Order]] and is replaced by [[Owen von Ismay]].
* '''Day 257:''' [[Jaq Gori]], a rival pirate, is [[Eidola captures a rival thief, Jaq Gori - Year 7 Day 257|captured]] by [[Eidola Pirates|Eidola]].
* '''Day 264:''' The [[Eidola Pirates]] announce the death of [[Imperial dies during torture session in Eidola's dungeons - Year 7 Day 264|Cesto Ode]], an Imperial flunky.
* '''Day 288:''' [[Squall Chitose]] of the [[Eidola Pirates]] [[Taikong suoyou de xingqiu saijin wo de pigu!|murders]] [[Kara Tamerin]], a reputed thief.
* '''Day 307:''' [[Daktal Hearst]], the leader of [[Outer Rim Excavations]], is replaced by [[Vip Fortuna]].
* '''Day 357:''' Imperial Prefect [[Raelin Or`lean]] loses sanity and flies stolen Imperial Star Galleon into pirate territory where both her and the ship were captured, along with Aeia Tavall, both were executed by Warlord [[Squall Chitose]]
==[[Year 8]]==
==[[Year 8]]==

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This is a chronological list of significant or noteworthy events in the history of the galaxy. For the summary of events leading up to the Galactic Civil War see History of the Galaxy.

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