Ankha Natanaele

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Ankha Natanaele
Biographical Information
Race Hapan, Alderaanian
Homeworld Hapes
Mother Tatiana Natanaele
Father Guatier Natanaele
Spouse Lilith Delcroix
Siblings Iovis Natanaele
Children None
Born Year -9 Day 364
Died Year 14 Day 196 (aged 23)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.80m 5'11"
Weight 63.5kg 140lbs
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
House Valeo (Avance)
Trade Federation
Title Speaker of the Senate
Governor of Messert
Explorator of House Valeo
Level 1 Citizen
Prior Affiliation Raptor Pirates
  • High Ambassador's Citation
  • Friendship Award
  • Studious Endeavours Award
  • Chief of State's Medal
  • Meritorious Unit Medal
  • Group Commander's Citation
  • Republic Readiness Award
  • Operation Ancile Ribbon
  • Celegia Campaign Ribbon
  • Balamak Campaign Ribbon
  • Joint Operation Ribbon
  • Expert Pilot Ribbon
  • Expert Leadership Ribbon
  • 2 Year Service Ribbon
  • Navy Command Ribbon
  • Training Ribbon

Ankha Natanaele (Y-9 D364 - Y14 D196) was a citizen of the New Republic, Governor of Messert, Speaker of the Senate, and Consul in the Republic Diplomacy Command. She received a variety of commendations, including the esteemed Chief of State's Medal, and was cited as the New Republic's "Sexiest Female" for Year 12 and Year 13. Natanaele was noted for her staunch beliefs in sentient rights, and publicly promoted non-human and human equality. She also faced some controversy in the New Republic due to her fervent support of personal enterprise.

Half Hapan and half Alderaanian, Natanaele left Alderaan and began her career in Raptor Pirates before eventually joining the New Republic. Initially she joined Starfighter Command before transferring to Naval Command where she served for nearly two years. Disenchanted with the state of the military, she resigned her commission before focusing on her development efforts in Messert system. Disappearing from the galaxy in Year 14, her whereabouts remained unknown until early Year 15. Natanaele was laid to rest on Vorsia Companion.



Natanaele, age five

Natanaele was born in the city of Ta'a Chume'Dan. However, her initial experience here was limited to only the first month of life, before she was taken to the art enriched city of Belleau-a-Lir, on planet Alderaan. Her mother, Tatiana Natanaele (née Artemisia), was born of Belleau-a-Lir and brought Natanaele into the galaxy surrounded by design and music. Unlike Natanaele, Tatiana was a tiny woman of only 1.50m tall and cream skin; her hair was a fiery red which was beautifully contrasted by piercing crystal blue eyes. Her father, Guatier Natanaele, was from Ta'a Chume'Dan and had been raised as a young diplomat, eventually deciding to attend the University of Aldera so that he may live amongst the peaceful white Alderaanian city. A simple man, he towered above Tatiana and looked identical to his daughter with dark tresses, cream skin, and deep brown eyes. In Year -16 at the University of Alderaan, both as students, her parents would meet and fall in love; her father worked as a diplomatic assistant in the Aldera Royal Palace and her mother was an artist. They were married on Day 134 Year -14 and gave birth to Iovis Natanaele 284 days later. Five years after the birth of their son, their daughter, Ankha Natanaele was born.

From an early age, her father had engrained the Hapan appreciation of beauty deeply into Natanaele's perception of the world and yet, she equally exhibited the natural eloquence and leadership found in the Alderaanian perspective. However, beneath her polished exterior stir a hunger for life which her home could never fulfill. To her, it was clear that her destiny lay beyond the paint brush and her gardens and while she knew she'd miss her home, at 19 she packed her things and left in the night. Grabbing a picture of her & her family, she left a note on her night stand which read, "I love you all but I love the idea of my future more. Goodbye. - Ankha"

The Middle Road

Aimlessly she wandered the universe, taking odd freelance job here & there. For a short time she was a Pirate, before that a thief, and previous to her thievery she was simply a dirty, starving young woman. It was the meshing of her naive childhood with this harsh reality which truly shaped Natanaele. Born from her everyday struggles, was a girl whom was externally beautiful, yet internally deadly. As a woman, she was mesmerizing, able to lure a chuckle from an Aleena and a purr from a Hutt. As a survivor, her will was relentless.

The more corruption in the status quo she caused, the more the reality set in that inherently Natanaele was good-natured. Though able to cause destruction, she yearned to create beauty. It was with this revelation that she joined the New Republic, and promised to combat all the pain and suffering caused by both herself and others. A new day had come, and though in the scheme of things she was extraordinarily ordinary, she vowed to herself to make better decisions while the choices were still her's to make.

The New Republic

Natanaele, in SFC

After graduating from the New Republic Academy, Natanaele's initial primary contribution was to the public relations of NR citizens through art. Beyond her artistry, Natanaele served as a dedicated, willing, and capable Starfighter Command soldier. However, the then SFC officer felt that her military passions weren’t being given the space to flourish amongst the constant influx of flight-men and women. With the realization that her dedication would better serve a different military branch, Natanaele requested a transfer into the Naval Command. Though she couldn't walk away from flight all together she knew that in the Navy, she could accomplish more in the name of her government. After some time High Admiral Jericho and High Marshal Nightsky approved her branch transfer, making Natanaele a Naval Ensign.

Beyond Military Life

Aside from her military and art careers, Natanaele wanted to contribute more to the New Republic. With this hope of further accomplishment, she submitted an application to join the republic morale group, ARGH!, and was soon accepted. Additionally, Academy Headmaster Vice Marshal Wedge Achilles saw this enthusiasm and extended an invitation to join the New Republic Academy as a General Military and Naval Instructor. Without hesitation she accepted the position offer and hopped directly into the daily ebb & flow of the Academy inner workings. Immediately she updated both the Naval & General military curriculum; unsurprisingly she also began large scale beautification projects for the Academy Trade Station.

With a renewed dedication to both her personal and professional life, her productivity seemingly tripled and her hunger for knowledge & responsibility followed. This boom in devotion was not left unnoticed and soon thereafter Natanaele was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. As time passed the spurt in ardency continued in every facet of her life and with with renewed enthusiasm, she applied to join the Republic Diplomacy Command. After nervously awaiting news for what felt like light years, she was informed that her application had been accepted and that she soon would attend the RDC Academy as its newest Cadet. Though Natanaele's life already seemingly overflowed with actualizations of childhood dreams, as an additional advancement to her career, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant at the following Battlegroup meeting, with the date of effect approximately 30 days prior to the meeting.

As a Cadet of the Republic Diplomacy Command Academy, Ankha advanced with the quickness and proficiency she had applied to the rest of her life. While a student, her eye for details and near tyrannical appreciation of Galactic Basic caught many small, almost unnoticeable, errors in the classroom curriculum, seemingly garnering the attention and appreciation of both High Ambassador Cheda Quche and Executive Ambassador Andrew Harris. Though she had always done her best to aid the New Republic in all ways, the ability to directly affect the relationships of other factions & governments with the New Republic offered a new sphere of influence which Natanaele found impossible to deny. With this diplomatic state of mind, Natanaele also began petitioning NATs & GA factions to help bolster the inventory of ARGH!. Not only was she able to secure quite a bit on behalf of the NR but this too was noticed by ARGH! Leader Geran Nighshadow, who promoted Natanaele to the role of ARGH! Quartermaster & Second in-command.

Recognition Abounds

Commendation Display

After working at the New Republic Academy as a Military Instructor for 156 days, Natanaele was promoted from an O-1 position to an O-4 within the Academy. The Academy had been under going major restructuring; within that restructured hierarchy Headmaster Ruben Wan saw fit to promote various Military Instructors and Civilian Teachers. Three days prior to her Academy promotion, Chief of State Aioko and Headmaster Wan had awarded her the "Studious Endeavours Award" for her high aptitude for study, excellence in exams, and willingness to make academic suggestions to the curriculum for the future. It was as if her Academy role had come full circle. Almost immediately following, she was also awarded the Republic Readiness Award by her Group Commander for displaying an exceptional level of readiness and preparation for battle. Effectively, it was an eruption of success in her short yet rewarding career as a New Republic Naval Officer.

An Identity Crisis

Though Natanaele had forged a place for herself in the New Republic, as she matured so did her longing for the ways of Alderaan - she had always appreciated the democratic ideals on which the New Republic was formed, after all despite its Monarchical structure Alderaan did have democratic practices, but she couldn't help but crave the Houses and the way in which they bonded the people.

Thirsting for this structure, Natanaele foraged through her many texts hoping to find something similar. After some time she stumbled upon the government of The Avance Coalition and the structure which it held. It too was comprised of Houses though these were formed not necessarily by blood but of bond.

Most intriguing was House Valeo and a section of their written code, "We will become keepers of knowledge and lore." As an artist, Natanaele placed most of her worldly value in the texts which were housed upon her ship and the cultural enrichment which enshrined her. House Valeo not only placed these same beliefs on a pedestal but steadily worked to increase their own cultural footprint, thus, she immediately applied for Avancian citizenship, and with zero haste, House Valeo Nobility. Interviewed by Twi'lek Valeo Seeker, Dinek Komad, Natanaele explained her hunger for both a place within a House but also for knowledge. Concluding their interview she waited for news of her acceptance or denial and a mere five days later Natanaele learned that not only had the Noble Senators of House Valeo accepted her into their ranks, but that they had done so unanimously.

Uncharted Lands

AN Helicon on Droecil

Though Natanaele had consigned to the often civilian nature of her job, as the galaxy settled into its cosmic shift & new planets were born from the stars, she knew she'd need to put her piloting skills to good use in the proliferation of New Republic freedom across the universe. Over the course of many days she aided the Freedom Warriors in securing the Boeus sector from the tyranny of the enemies of the republic, earning herself the Droecil Participant Award from the Freedom Warriors command staff. At one point standing toe-to-toe with the traitorous Amun Sokar, the Naval officer was in the mud with her fellow brethren, military branches tossed aside as she worked to increase the quality of life for all citizens of this new world. On her return to New Republic space, she was shocked to find that her allies, the Triumvirate Coalition, had located another new sector and her trudge for freedom would continue. In a crucial campaign she and many of her fellow Republicans, civilian & military alike, strove to ensure the absence of oppression in the Celegia & Balamak systems. This time with orders more fitting of a Naval officer, Natanaele assured construction continued by bringing in hoards of eager builders, some of whom would lose their lives in their goal of freeing fellow sentients from the brutality of other governments.

A Burgeoning Career

As a result of her dedication to the New Republic & her allies, the Freedom Warriors engraved Natanaele's name, amongst others involved, on a Participant Trophy, whilst the Triumvirate Coalition awarded Natanaele with two operational ribbons: Operation Celegia & Operation Balamak. Following a new moon, Chief of State Aioko awarded those involved, with the Chief of State's Medal and the Friendship Award. With a sincere sense of pride and a hope to continue her contributions, Natanaele humbly accepted her ribbons with an ingrained feeling of duty to her Chief of State, and a deeply founded respect for the Triumvirate Coalition's High Command.

Though Natanaele continued with her military duties in normal form, a short time later her Group Commanding Officer called a meeting, the reasoning beyond a general status report unknown. While operational status was discussed, the ending focus was final commencement of medals which had been earned through the sweat, blood, and tears lost on Balamak and Celegia. Awarded with the Group Commander's Citation by her Commanding Officer and the Meritorious Unit Medal by High Marshal Lance Nightsky, her military career met its magnum opus as her lapel was now adorned with recognition by each of her superiors. To add onto her military success she also qualified for the "Expert Pilot" skill badge a short time later.

The Political Realm

Overwhelmingly disenfranchised with the state of the Senate in the year she had served as a Naval Officer, once the Y13 D260 elections neared Natanaele decided that she would run for one of the five contested seats. Everything she had heard of the position was negative and the Senatorial influence on the citizens of the republic had deeply troubled her, but duty insisted that she run.

Delivering a passionate speech about the Senate and the necessary changes it required in order to continue as a functioning branch of the government, Natanaele began her campaign on a positive note. Though it was rifled with the customary political hecklers, and there were the occasional tensions between she and her fellow candidates, as the final votes filed in, it became clear that Natanaele would serve the next year as a Senator.

Natanaele, accepting her nomination

Almost immediately, fellow Senator Galen Darksol messaged Natanaele to gauge her interest in the Speaker position. Admittedly fearful of potential failings, she initially declined. This would be her first session, and her goal was and had been the success of the Republic via the Senate - the last thing she hoped for was procedural failings of the Senate, caused by her incompetence. However, after conversation with former Speakers and encouragement of her fellows the nervous Hapalderaanian accepted the responsibility of the position, and in Senator Darksol's stead, Senator Gryffyn Grayurra nominated her for the position.

With a new found confidence in her potential as a Senator, Natanaele was successfully elected to the Speaker position and nearly immediately she began her administrative duties. Though initially, she had missteps here and there, after a little under a month in office she had settled into her position and began more vocally discussing the policy issues of the New Republic. It was clear that this Senate's focus would be on the trimming of unnecessary legislation, and for that she was thankful.

Additionally, almost immediately, the confirmations of three Governors arrived upon the desks of the Senators, Natanaele's appointment as Governor of Messert being among them. After small discussion, with an Abstain from Natanaele, she was appointed as Governor to the system which she had learned to call home. Senatorial duties aside, she had not forgotten her other positions and as a reward to Natanaele's consistently diligent behavior, High Ambassador Cheda Quche promoted Natanaele to a Senior Staff position, Vice Pro Consul.

A Future in Command

As weeks passed, Natanaele continued down her path of hard work and dedication to the Republic, and though nothing particularly exciting had happened nonetheless she toiled for her government. However, this lull in activity would soon change quickly and with force.

Early in Y14, then Interim High Ambassador Andrew Harris announced that the young diplomat had been promoted to the position of Pro Consul. Given the historically slow promotion rate of the military, and what she expected would be an uneventful future in her Naval career, this served as a boost to personal morale. Coupled with Natanaele's promotion, was her chance to lead an RDC Project Team. This would prove to be her first chance at leading a group within the New Republic, as she and her team tackled diplomacy with a vast group of neutral governments and companies.

Natanaele with Cheda Quche, celebrating her ARGH! appointment

Two days following, this trend would continue as Chief of State Cheda Quche announced that Natanaele would be placed as the first-in-command of the Ambassadors for Rollicking and Good Humor. Since the disappearance of it's technical leader, Natanaele had run the group without having any of the authority to lead her fellow members. This had meant that she did a great deal of work while her fellows looked for someone to guide them. Within the next week and a half however, this lack of focus had made a complete turnaround: the only people who were in the group were there to actively contribute, bonuses had been arranged for hard work, and as a team they would focus on the morale for the Republic.

Feeling a refreshed sense of belonging, this blossoming of personal activity continued on the following day when High Ambassador Harris promoted Natanaele to leader of the Republic News Network. This meant that Natanaele would be charged with commanding the news arm of the New Republic, their core purpose being the enhancement of the galaxy via the distribution of high-quality news, information and entertainment. And yet again, to couple her position as leader of RNN, a few days later Natanaele would be promoted to the position of Ambassador. Not only had RDC been the origin of her first command position, but it also proved to be her first command rank. In addition to her promotion, she was awarded the High Ambassador's Citation for the negotiation of the release of a New Republican who had been imprisoned.


On Y14 D80, Natanaele received personal news which effected her passions deeply. Up to this point she had worked vehemently for the New Republic, exerting herself in a manner far beyond that of her fellows so that she may help drive the Republic forward as more than the average citizen. However, the news created a crisis within herself which eventually led to the resignation from many of her positions: Ambassador in RDC, Professor in the Academy, and Uberjester of ARGH. After further consideration of her priorities, Natanaele also decided to end her intimate relationship with long-time romantic partner, Lukastar Narvaka. Instead she made the choice to focus only on the basics of the Navy and Governorship, and to continue her Senate term faithfully as promised to New Republic sentients during campaigning. Ironically, in Natanaele's effort to refocus and the resulting abundance of free time, she found herself strengthening her friendship with the enigmatic Countess Lilith Delcroix of Vorsia, one of her former Diplomatic contacts. Many months before the two had hit it off nearly instantly, and following Natanaele's resignations and a whirlwind week between the two women it seemed that Natanaele's romantic refocus had gone much further than she had initially imagined.

Though only half Hapan, Natanaele had received the genes for the night blindness which plagued the Hapan people. Doctor Jay Ceveri of The Medical Circle had proposed a corrective surgery in which he would implant cybernetic rods into her retina; activated only in poor lighting conditions he estimated that it would double her low light photoreception. However, as with all operations there were some drawbacks to the previously untested medical procedure. Given the cybernetic activation process and the the resulting energy glow, he warned that the rods would be visible upon activation, entirely changing her ocular appearance. More worrisome though, he further warned that if the surgery were to fail, Natanaele could risk permanent low light blindness, debilitating her eyesight far beyond Hapan vision. After careful consideration, she decided that the potential benefits outweigh the potential risks and in a more literal refocus, on Y14 D104 Natanaele underwent the cybernetic operation which was successfully completed the following day.

During her lull in responsibility, Natanaele began to contemplate her future with the New Republic and how best she could serve its ideals. Her personal opinion of military effectiveness had declined a great deal and yet her role as Governor in the Ministry of Civil Engineering had provided a renewed sense of purpose. After serious consideration and a week spent in a decision making process, she decided to resign her commission in the New Republic military and to instead focus full time on her Governorship, with the intent of joining the Ministry of Natural Resources via working for JUGANOTH Mining Corporation once she had fully developed Messert system. With further deliberation, she also decided that having resigned from Republic Diplomacy Command was a mistake, and she immediately sought back her position, being re-accepted at the rank of Consul.

A Close Call

For approximately a week beginning on Y4D111, Natanaele had visited Vorsia Companion, the territory owned and governed by her partner, in order to better acquaint herself with a world which would likely become a significant part of her life. While some of their time was spent in Bloodthrone Palace and the more grandiose estates, the majority of the trip was focused on exploring the world beyond the tourist experience, including both the industrialized cities which towered over the jungles of Vorsia and the small townships hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the green planetoid. Though her health had declined somewhat towards the end of the trip, Natanaele assumed it was the vast change in air composition and that her health would normalize upon return to Messert.

Her assumption proved false when after a day back in her home system, her health had declined enough that she sought hospitalization. After having comprehensive blood tests run she was informed that she had contracted the Diathim strain of the Derra virus at some point during her sightseeing. Fortunately due to the virus having been tested extensively following its pandemic and her expediency in seeking medical aid she had saved herself from the gruesome physical mutation which would have otherwise inevitably decimated her natural form. Receiving a full course of a Derra virus post-exposure prophylaxis she was able to avoid the seroconversion of the infection, halting its progress entirely. Though her genetic code would permanently include immunological memory of the virus, the outbreak was stopped ensuring no significant genetic modification.

Natanaele & Delcroix' Wedding Bands

A Physical & Emotional Rechristening

After having spent approximately three months free of the shackles of military service, Natanaele had focused a great deal of time on getting her personal affairs organized. Though this had taken some focus away from her Governorship, she continued to manage the system, ensuring it maintained constant development. On a trip to the southern sectors, close friend Robby Rae, owner of FreiTek Inc., gifted a Namana-class Light Cruiser to Natanaele as a show of humility and selflessness. Rechristened as the "AN Tsek", the ship underwent heavy modifications all designed and remotely managed by Delcroix, leading to its assignment as the AN fleet's flagship.

The trip in which the Namana exchanged ownership, had initially been earmarked as both professional and personal; though Natanaele planned to retrieve a Modular Taskforce Cruiser which had recently completed production, she had also intended on the vacation to serve as a sabbatical to explore the B`omarr Monastery, in addition to other smaller goals. For this furlough, Delcroix had accompanied Natanaele, which led to a plan to propose to Delcroix on her birthday while visiting a center of faith. However, after having been delayed in Callos for longer than was anticipated, Delcroix' birthday fell on a day during one of the many small hyperspace jumps. Having planned on proposing on her birthday for some time, Natanaele followed her initial plan and asked Delcroix for her hand, leading to a swift marriage.

Galactic Resignation

On Y14 D196, Ankha Natanaele experienced significant ship malfunctions on one of her many fighters, while conducting a semi-routine study of the surrounding galactic areas. Immediately she broadcast a message to the people of the Republic in which she retired from all positions, the contents of which are archived within their holocron. More importantly however, she spent her final moments in sub-space communications with her wife. Though only Lilith Delcroix-Natanaele knows the entirety of what was said, some snippets were received on the communicators of nearby ships:

 I love you ... not one or two things ... 
 absolutely everything about you ... you are perfect 
 and that ... My feelings ... were instant ... best thing 
 that happened to me ... your wife.

This was the last communication received from Natanaele.


Ankha Natanaele Memorial

Natanaele’s memorial service was on Year 15 Day 15 [1], attended only by her spouse Delcroix-Natanaele. The private ceremony was held in the first Vorsian cathedral after a months-long search mission found Natanaele’s derelict freighter drifting among an uncharted asteroid field. The exact cause of malfunction was impossible to determine but it was clear the ship’s systems failed completely, including the life support. Natanaele’s frozen body was preserved in a sealed vacuum chamber deep within the cathedral’s catacombs. Access is highly restricted but the hallway leading to the tomb is marked by Natanaele’s image and name, where respects can be paid to the late Senator, Governor and wife.

Personal Information

Personal Life

Natanaele, with Lilith Delcroix-Natanaele

Due to Natanaele's artistic unique skill set, early in her New Republic citizenship a rapport had begun with then Director of the NRI & Naval Commodore Lukastar Narvaka, who had commissioned her work on his new personal venture. Initially their relationship was of only a business nature though after long hours spent together, huddled closely around a drafting table as they tediously combed through ideas and suggestions, their time led to the beginnings of a close friendship and eventually a romantic relationship.

Having dated for much of Natanaele's early New Republic career, their relationship was not without innumerable conflicts. Two outstandingly opinionated individuals, and each involved in various facets of the Republic government, their differences in opinions, age, and time amongst New Republic sentients often ended in muted matches of intransigent will. Still, their mutual respect for one another had managed to overcome the difficulties of their professional positioning. However, following Natanaele's decision to separate herself from all auxiliary distractions, and to instead focus on the basics, she decided to part ways romantically with Lukastar hoping that their close friendship would continue.

Nevertheless, despite her initial intentions to simplify all things in her life it seemed that fortune had instead planned for something quite different. Having been assigned as the New Republic Ambassador to Dark Skies Gearworks in late Y13, Natanaele had the pleasure of working alongside Forgemaster Lilith Delcroix. During their first diplomatic conversations, their discussion ebbed and flowed drastically between the personal and professional, cementing the beginnings of a friendship.

After resigning from half of her secondary positions in Y14, Delcroix provided a sounding board and companion for Natanaele while she adjusted to a much quieter and exponentially slower paced life. Once again almost immediately, Natanaele found herself quite drawn to the petite Hapan woman, though now unattached romantically it seemed her attentions had noticed Delcroix in a way far different from her initial impression. After only a week of daily conversation, the young woman served as the sole focus of Natanaele's infatuations eventually leading to a swiftly begun and yet wholly fulfilling relationship with someone Natanaele's junior in both age and stature.

While their relationship had begun quickly, it seemed its progression would be just as expedited. After a nearly three-month courtship, Natanaele proposed to Delcroix during birthday celebrations while in hyperspace. Given Natanaele's aversion to wedding ceremonies and their often unnecessary pomp and circumstance, she immediately updated her personnel file within the New Republic archives, making their marriage instantaneously official.


Uniform Comparison

Standing at 1.80m tall, Natanaele was a slender bispecial Hapan/Alderaanian female of 23 years, with dark chestnut hair which melded strikingly with her pale skin. While working she wore a custom made jumpsuit, emblazoned with the New Republic symbol, and a metallic visor which served as a HUD. When personal protection was required however, she used a custom set of Heavy Battle Armour which proudly sported a metallic sheen beneath New Republic red, blue, and gold. Always, a thick dark hooded force robe laid upon her shoulders swaying around her figure.

When casually dressed, fashion rather than suitability was more of a concern. Regardless of what she was wearing, vibroblades laid neatly tucked away completely unseen by the untrained eye. Often she also had a ELG-3A hidden on her person though she only used it in cases of long-distance emergency, where her melee skills could not help her. She was never without her onyx wedding band. A woman who physically portrayed strength and natural ability, there was a subtle yet unyielding air of mystery and inescapable beauty which surrounded her. At most times, a sly smile and raised eyebrow could be seen etched across her face.


Despite her career, Natanaele was always an artist. Originally her artistry was in the physical realm (painting, sketching, etc), before growing into holo-art. Since joining the military her favorite art-form has been designing and painting her personal collection of ships, vehicles, and armor; every collection item had a New Republic custom. For viewing, her collection was housed in her Palace on Messert III.

In addition to art, Natanaele spent much of her time expanding upon her general knowledge: cultural, musical, or otherwise. Because of this hunger for knowledge, a room in her BFF-1 Bulk Freighter, AN Helicon, was converted into a full scale library which housed various rare and interesting books. AN Helicon was chosen simply because it was the most used ship in her personal armada. Due to the nature of the literature, she had a full-time Librarian who constantly tended to the collection.

Personal Factbook:

  • Citizen of the New Republic, Avance Commonwealth, and Trade Federation
  • Flagship: Namana-class Light Cruiser, "AN Tsek"
  • Vorsia Royalty: By marriage to Countess Lilith Delcroix-Natanaele of Vorsia
  • Natanaele Family: Wealthy, Mildly Influential, Located on Alderaan
  • Religion: Uncertain. Has studied Bendu and Sacred Way.
  • Education: University of Alderaan, Art
  • Fluent in: Galactic Basic, Hapan, Huttese (limited), Bocce (limited)
  • Favorite food: Kebroot Stew
  • Favorite drink: Whyren's Reserve Premium Corellian Whiskey
  • Favorite music: B'ssa nuuvu
  • Favorite artist: Ku Chusar
  • Preferred weapons: Vibroblades & Zenji Needles
    • Kartranin style Swordswoman
    • K'tara style Martial Artist



Career History

Occupations at Time of Death

  • Governor of Messert, New Republic
  • Speaker of the Senate (Senator), Senate, New Republic
  • Consul, Republic Diplomacy Command
  • Explorator, House Valeo, The Avance Coalition
  • Citizen, Trade Federation

New Republic

  • Joined NR Academy as Military Cadet Y12D229
  • Graduated from the NR Academy at the Junior Officer SFC rank of, "Pilot Officer" Y12D238
  • Transferred to military branch Navy, as the equivalent rank "Ensign" Y12D288
  • Joined ARGH! staff, Y12D297
  • Joined Academy staff as an, "Instructor" specializing in General Military & Navy Y12D301
  • Promoted to the Naval rank of, "Lieutenant JG" Y12D305
  • Promoted to the Naval rank of, "Lieutenant" Y13D33
  • Accepted into RDC Academy Y13D60
  • Joined RDC as "Assistant Attaché" Y13D69
  • Promoted to 2IC of ARGH! Y13D70
  • Received Academy, "Studious Endeavours Award" Y13D89
  • Promoted to Academy rank of, "Assistant Professor of Military Studies" Y13D92
  • Awarded Military, "Republic Readiness Award" Y13D93
  • Awarded "Droecil Participant Award" by the Freedom Warriors Y13D149
  • Promoted to the Senior Officer Naval rank of, "Lieutenant Commander" Y13D156
  • Awarded Military Citations by the Triumvirate Coalition for the joint operations, Balamak Campaign & Celegia Campaign Y13D174
    • Both eligible for Joint Operations Ribbon
  • Awarded Military, "Chief of State's Medal" & Civilian, "Friendship Award" Y13D195
  • Promoted to RDC rank of, "Attaché" Y13D198
  • Awarded Military, "Group Commander's Citation" and "Meritorious Unit Medal" Y13D212
  • Qualified for Military, "Expert Pilot" skill ribbon Y13D239
  • Elected to position of, "New Republic Senator" Y13D277
  • Elected to position of, "Speaker of the Senate" Y13D282
  • Awarded Military "Operation Ancile" ribbon Y13D296
  • Confirmed as Governor of Messert Y13D296
  • Promoted to RDC rank of, "Vice Pro Consul" Y13D302
  • Promoted to Naval rank of, "Commander" Y13D310
  • Qualified for Military, "Expert Leader" skill ribbon Y14D26
  • Promoted to RDC rank of, "Pro Consul" Y14D29
  • Promoted to 1IC of ARGH! Y14D31
  • Promoted to 1IC Republic News Network Y14D32
  • Promoted to RDC rank of, "Ambassador" Y14D40
    • 3IC Position of RDC
  • Awarded Civilian, "High Ambassador Citation" Y14D40
  • Resigned from Academy, RDC, and ARGH! Y14D80
  • Resigned from Naval Command Y14D113
  • Rejoined RDC, at the rank of "Consul" Y14D113

The Avance Coalition

  • Granted Avancian citizenship Y13D135
  • Granted House Valeo Nobility, at the rank of "Aspirant" Y13D147
  • Promoted to the voting rank of, "Seeker" Y13D203
  • Promoted to the rank of, "Explorator" Y14D125

The Trade Federation

  • Granted Federation Citizenship, level 1 Y14D55