House Kaine

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House Kaine
Kaine Holocron Logo 01.png
"Souls United by Blood."
Historical Information
FounderAugustus Kaine
TitlesArchon, House Leader
Lord, All masculine members
Lady, All feminine members
CapitalCity Balit
DominionLorpfan, Lorpfan system, Tynquay sector
Establishedc. Year -90
General information
Current headKyran Caelius
HeadquartersHouse Kaine Palatial Estate, City Balit
AffiliationKaine Initiative
Black Sun
The Resistance (members-in-exile)
Clan Fures
HomeworldEmpress Teta
SpeciesHuman (Hapan)

House Kaine is a Human family of Hapan origin, most well known for its role in modern Imperial history, the creation of the Reansucru faith, and its present allegiance to Black Sun. The family's reputation began with the militaristic success of Augustus Kaine, and spread to the general financial prosperity of his heirs. With the emergence of the Second Galactic Civil War, the family suffered a temporary fall in influence before regaining their reputation via the current generation.

Members of House Kaine serve as leaders in many companies and institutions, most of which are non-neutral in the war. Contemporary descendants include the former Lord Protector of Holowan, Gabriel Kaine and Black Sun Vigo, Kyran Caelius. Those directly involved in the day-to-day administration of House Kaine are Kristijan Caelius and daughter of the former leader, Natasha Kaine. Though decisions are ultimately made by Archon Caelius, any House inquiries are handled by the family advisors. It is unknown what roles are played by other House members. Historically xenophobic, the House's human speciest beliefs have tempered greatly under Archon Kyran Caelius.

Family History

The prominence of House Kaine began with founder Augustus Kaine, a child of Hapes. Growing up under the matriarchal influences of the Hapan society, Augustus was tired of being treated like less than equal because he was male. Despite being recognized as a gifted mind by his peers, he felt subjugated by the Hapan female oriented society. Strong willed and strong minded, he convinced his wife to leave the Hapes Cluster, in order to seek a new home somewhere where he could thrive. After careful consideration, he chose the ecumenopolis Coruscant as his new home.

Establishing himself on Coruscant, he joined the military due to its quick promise of power and advancement. It was there that he made his career, though he never advanced past the rank of Captain in the service of the Imperial Navy. During his tenure, he and his wife gave birth to the twins Edith and Hazel. Hazel was more oriented to life's fiscal joys, where Edith sought to follow in her father's footsteps, joining the military for a short career. As they grew in age, neither sister married though each had longtime lovers. Working together, Hazel and Edith assisted their father in establishing a small fortune in order to ensure the fiscal security of the House Kaine. By the time the sisters had their children, the family had acquired enough credits and property that they were able to live in the lap of luxury. So much so, that despite having children, they spent the rest of their days mixing it up with the social elite of Coruscant.

Edith Kaine Bloodline

Current Edith Kaine Bloodline

Edith and her partner, William Corvey, had three children: Isolde, Eleise, and Everett. While Edith's personality was reminiscent of her father, her three children elected to branch out beyond familial influences. Isolde, drawn to the ideals of being a caretaker, developed herself as a healer from an early age. Eleise was reserved but dignified, a woman of quiet luxury. Everett continued the Kaine militaristic trends, his personality dominated by the influences of the Imperial Navy.

Isolde created a fulfilling life for herself on Thyferra. Working as a Research Doctor for a Bacta firm, the war effort was as financially successful for her as it had initially been for Asenour. However, when she met and married her husband, a native of her new home, she decided to focus purely on her life as a housewife. Though this was deeply satisfying, when her second son, Kristijan, was born she joined her distant family on Empress Teta, hoping to allow her sons the same opportunities which had been afforded to her.

In contrast, Eleise, having created a life of luxury for herself and her family, lived comfortably on Corellia for many years. She and her family spent their days bathed in excess, ignorant of the war. However, after the disappearance of her husband, she elected to move to Empress Teta, making her home there alongside Lilith. Given the perceived failings of her family life, she became lost to an overwhelming depression and spent the rest of her life, until her passing, in complete seclusion.

Similar to Amelia's disappearance, Everett's history remained much unknown, most of it hidden behind the veil of military secrecy. Though he was married and fathered two sons, his wife succumbed to an unknown illness and his eldest son, despite making contact with his family, chose to continue his father's trend towards familial separation. His youngest son, Sebastien, broke this trend by working closely with the family.

Hazel Kaine Bloodline

Current Hazel Kaine Bloodline

Hazel and her long time lover, Mongeon Dasanda, gave birth to a set of twins of their own: Herbert[1] and Asenour. The two boys were later joined by a younger sister Amelia. Each of the three of Hazel's children grew up with their own interests and likes. Asenour was a brilliant mind and enjoyed the vigors of trying to capitalize on all situations. Herbert, fascinated by the stories of his grandfather, was drawn to the power and prestige that came with military services. And young Amelia, spirited and beautiful found meaning and purpose in art, music, and her social circles.

Herbert served a very extensive and successful career in the Galactic Empire's Military as a Rear Admiral and later as the High Inquisitor for the entire Empire under Emperor Vodo Bonias. However, his service was not always easy on the family. Participating in the great civil war of the Empire, Asenour, who at this time was a successful business tycoon, and Herbert, found themselves on different sides of the conflict. While their ventures were divided they remained united for the betterment of the family.

When the war concluded and the sides reunited under the New Order, Asenour was able to capitalize on many of the reconstruction efforts and expansion opportunities that came in off world locations, namely the Empress Teta system. The Empress Teta System during the great civil war fell under the protection of his brother's fleets. In fact, so great was Herbert's rule over the system, that he was gifted an estate on the planet Empress Teta. The estate and opportunities were so vast that the brothers, now sharing the responsibility of leading the House Kaine, moved the entire family fortune and holdings to the newly christened Kaine Estate.

Even with the family now situated in Empress Teta, both the brothers could not completely remove themselves from Coruscant. With large holdings of Asenour's business ventures tied to Coruscant's economy, Asenour eventually elected to return to with his immediate family, which included his children Gabriel, Reina, and Saige. Herbert too spent much of his time away from his new estate, due to his position in the 1st Imperial Fleet - and later as the High Inquisitor of the Imperial Inquisition - which was located in the governmental districts of Coruscant.

While war raged on, Amelia had been lost to the world of artistic whimsy; little is known about how she conducted herself, as her life was completely separate of her brothers'. Some instances of her art surfaced on the galactic market though they were few. Having disappeared almost entirely, she would not make a reappearance until Year -8 Day 177, her return only long enough to relinquish parentship of her daughter to Herbert.

Eventually, Herbert returned to Empress Teta following his retirement from Imperial service in order to raise Amelia's daughter, Lilith, but even that was short lived. Accused of treason, Herbert ventured back to Coruscant to prove his innocence, before being wrongfully executed by Grand Vizier Zerk. The death was a blow to the family and the effects did not end with Herbert. His nieces found themselves in the middle of the second great civil war, and his brother, Asenour, suffered great losses in both family holdings and business contracts.

Current Age

As the years passed, Lilith remained as the primary occupants of the Kaine Estate. Gabriel and Reina occupied the estate during schooling breaks, but their stays were always temporary. Though Isolde's family lived near the other Kaines, they maintained an individual home, but permitted Kyran frequent visits and time spent with the greater family. However, as the years went by, many Kaines were pulled away from their Tetan home and found themselves scattered throughout known space. With the passing of Asenour due to old age, the murder of his uncle, and the continued disappearance of Amelia, leadership of the family fell upon Asenour’s eldest child, Gabriel.

Unfortunately, the new Head of House Kaine of the family was almost immediately greeted with one of his greatest challenges and subsequent failures, the execution of his young cousin Lilith by the Galactic Empire. The official Imperial report read that Lilith was arrested and tried as a traitor though documents on the matter were vague. Before her death sentence was carried out, Gabriel tried to exhaust all of his Imperial resources to arrange for her release or, if necessary, to take her place. Desiring to maintain his family's honor, he felt obliged to bear the punishment due to his direct involvement in securing her initial employment within the Empire. In his own mind, he seen this as a compromise to maintain family honor and his own honor in the eyes of the Empire. The last denial was given when he presented his case to the Galactic Empire’s Executor, Thomas Cherokee.

Utilizing what Imperial connections he still maintained, Gabriel was able to secure Lilith’s body and immediately had her rushed back to Teta along with his lifelong friend Sami Freemason. Sami, gifted in the Force and the powers of life and death, aided a Dark Jedi known as Talonus, in a failed attempt to use dark Force magic to resurrect Lilith's soul. Given Lilith's death, inadequacy of the resurrection ritual, and personal near death experience of the ritual, Gabriel held himself deeply responsible for the failures of the family, and more crucially, his failures to protect those he loved. Shaken, Gabriel decided the family would see their future elsewhere. He realized the dangers of a continued presence near Imperial Space, and with the guilt and grief of what the home on Teta presented, Gabriel decided to demolish the estate. Seeking a new home for the family - he wanted something grander than a simple estate or city. Gabriel wanted a domain where the rules of others could not hold authority over the Kaines. Fortuitously, with the aid of his brother-in-law, Crueya Vandron, Gabriel had established territorial dominance over some galactic systems. Without haste, development of the new Kaine nerve center began.

However, these changes quickly fell apart. In spite of Kyran Caelius's Imperial Union loyalties, Gabriel and Vandron merged their holdings - and thus all house holdings - with the New Republic intelligence group Sha'kage. This merger led to the self-exile of the entire Edith Kaine bloodline and an internal crumbling of House Kaine. Recognizing the rift caused by decisions made, Gabriel elected to retire from all positions and to instead pass leadership of the family. House bylines required it pass to the next eldest, Gabriel's twin Reina Kaine; however, the patriarchal values meant it must pass to the eldest male, instead passing leadership to their second cousin, Kyran Caelius.

Upon taking leadership, Caelius's first act was to publicly align House Kaine with Black Sun. His second act was to renounce all House Kaine members associated with the Galactic Alliance, firmly returning the House to its Imperial roots. This shift was cemented by the christening of the new House Kaine Palatial Estates in Black Sun territories. As an additional symbol of the changes, the title of ruler was changed to "Archon of House Kaine." Though less grand than previous holdings allowed, House Kaine yet again internally stabilized. However, Archon Caelius immediately set out to find a truly neutral home, to allow all members of the House - regardless of affiliation - to meet in brotherhood. This goal was accomplished on Year 18 Day 58, with the purchase of the Lorpfan system by Caelius from Corporate Sector Authority, with the aid of now former Master Amelia Kolczynski and current Master Gand Xitwa.

Despite House Kaine's historically xenophobic ideals, in mid Year 18, House Kaine became aligned with the Anzati Morbus Creche through the marriage of Archon Caelius and Creche leader Kira Morbus; while this alignment was eventually severed through their divorce in late Year 19, Morbus remained a Master of House Kaine. This departure from xenophobia was further seen in late Year 18 when House Kaine formally aligned with the Sakiyan Clan Fures, a bond made possible by the relationship between Archon Caelius and Fures Nocti, leader of Clan Fures. When asked about the multiple alien species in House Kaine, in addition to the uncommon allegiances, Caelius stated, "House Kaine still believes in Human superiority, but acknowledges that each species has exemplars which defy the limitations of their genetic constraints; my family has been fortunate enough to find those exceptional beings."

Lineage & Structure

"We are a great family of great houses. Though we share honor, none can claim mastery or spoils over each other." Gabriel Kaine, in an address to his family.
Augustus Kaine †
Lilly Huthsing †
William Corvey †
Edith Kaine †
Hazel Kaine †
Mongeon Dasanda †
Isolde Kaine
Kasimir Caelius
Eleise Kaine †
Byron Du'Raine ‡
Everett Kaine ‡
Allishon Lodge †
Herbert Kaine †
Helena Roth
Asenour Kaine †
Erzebeth Kippenbrock †
Amelia Kaine †
Kyran Caelius
Kristijan Caelius
Gideon Kaine †
Dagon Kaine †
Sebastien Kaine
Magdalena Kaine
Lilith Kaine †
Gabriel Kaine †
Paige Wellington
Reina Kaine †
Crueya Vandron
Saige Kaine †
Delvan Vellar ‡
Natasha Kaine

  • Spouse
  • ‐ ‐ Lover
  • † Deceased
  • ‡ Presumed Deceased

Head of House Kaine

The structure of House Kaine is very simplistic in nature. There is but one Head of House Kaine, or Monarch, while the rest of the family are all seen as equals. There currently exists no form of nobility or hierarchy save the passing of leadership of the family to the eldest male of its current living members. As the head of the family, the Head of House Kaine is granted the final word of matters of any member of the family that is in direct conflict with one another or in all matters that affect the entirety of the family. Generally speaking, the Head of House Kaine does not interfere with the day to day lives of his family; believing that strong independent members are the best way to ensure a strong and continuing legacy. The current Head of House Kaine is Kyran Caelius.

Blood Members

The only existing separation of standing within the House Kaine exists with those who are born with the Kaine bloodline, and those who are joined with it through marriage. Those born with the blood of Augustus Kaine are bestowed the title of True Blood Member of the House Kaine while those married are titled Blood Members. From its inception, the House Kaine held that the bonds of the marriage were more than superficial social or governmental bonds or contracts. Marriage is a spiritual combining of two souls and the mixing of familial blood relations.

One of the few differences between Blood and True Blood Members is that if the family allows it, Blood Members can be exiled from the family, purged of familial connections through means that are not generally known but to the Head of House Kaine of the family. It must be noted that the act of cutting someone out of the family is extremely rare and the reasons for doing so must be of the direst situations. So rare is this sentence that it has only ever been used for Leigh Kellan.

Current True Blood & Blood Members of the House Kaine

Kasimir Caelius Isolde Kaine Kyran Caelius Kristijan Caelius Sebastien Kaine Magdalena Kaine Natasha Kaine
BloodKasimir.png BloodIsolde.png BloodKyran.png BloodKristijan.png BloodSebastien.png BloodMaggie.png Natasha.png

Members in Exile

Paige Wellington Crueya Vandron
BloodPaige.png BloodCrueya.png

Masters of the House

Master of the House Kaine.png
Seal of a Master

Being a Master of House Kaine is not like being a retainer or servant to other notable houses. As a Master, what one is given is the commitment of House Kaine to aid, treat, and respect one as a member of the family. The family does not demand blind servitude or loyalty, they are not sworn by oath or creed to do so. The paradox to the situation is that they are not bound to be loyal to the family but are often added as Masters because of that reason. It is better to be loyal on your own accord than forced or coerced. While they share no blood with the Kaines, a Master's voice is respected and heeded. When someone is added as a Master to the House Kaine, the protection and aid of the family is granted to the said person and does not carry down to their children.

Any member of the family can call for the addition or removal of a Master to House Kaine but the power to induct or expel lies in the hands of the Head of House Kaine. The nominating member will meet with the Head of House Kaine and a decision will be made whether or not to add or deny their addition. Those who are nominated do not know of the process until they are confirmed by the Head of House Kaine. Those denied are never informed of the candidacy out of respect to the family member that brought forth their name. Those added are brought before the Head of House Kaine and the family member who called for their addition and presented with small gifts fitting of their status within the family and given the seal of a Master. Given the meaning of the honor, Master status persists upon ones passing; the only deceased Master is Evelyn Reighner.

Current Masters

Astrid Sarka Fures Nocti Kira Morbus Rayus Kestyn
MasterAstrid.png MasterFures.png MasterKira.png MasterRayus.png

Masters in Exile

Gand Xitwa Sami Freemason
MasterXitwa.png MasterSami.png


The House Kaine Armada is signified by the indicator [HKA] and is painted in a black and red color scheme, with the stylized Kaine logo often displayed somewhere prominent. Like the territories of House Kaine, it is managed by Kaine Initiative. While a sizeable fleet, it is still under development. However, there are already key crafts which compose the armada, many of which are rare ships that have been collected to help bolster the House Kaine Armada's military might. Though each ship has a different complement, Viper squadrons, Zeta-class Long-Range Shuttles, and AT-PTs compose much of the small scale accompaniment.

Bayonet-class Light Cruiser
[HKA] Incorruptione Libertatem
Strike-Class Medium Cruiser
[HKA] Alligata Honorem
Ardent-class Fast Frigate
[HKA] Vitiosus Percussor
Veltraa-class Cruiser
[HKA] Stabile Iudicium
Belarus-class Medium Carrier
[HKA] Iumentum
Braha'tok-class Gunship
[HKA] Rapidus
Various prime ships in the House Kaine Armada

Crusader-class Corvette
[HKA] Impetum Gentes
Crusader-class Corvette
[HKA] Pauci Fideles
Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
[HKA] Infinita Venari
Kaloth-class Battlecruiser
[HKA] Nepa Praesidium
Foray-class Blockade Runner
[HKA] Obsidione Valida
Adz-class Patrol Destroyer [CAE] Aquatilia Bestiam
Various support ships in the House Kaine Armada