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FreiTek Inc.
General Information
Status Active
Leader Robby Rae
2IC None
Owner Robby Rae
Historical Information
Founded Year 0 Day 6
Political Information
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite FreiTek Inc.


Freitek Inc. (FI) is formed from former Incom Corporation employees. They have based their operation out of sectors in the Unknown Regions and Outer Rim Territories. Freitek prides itself on being one of the top fighter corporations in the galaxy. Freitek Designers have built ships such as the famous Z-95 and Byblos G-1A. After leaving the confines of Incom it is a much smaller and more family like corporation. The scientists that left for FreiTek helped design while at Incom the X-wing fighter for the Rebel Alliance. FreiTek then moved to the Outer Rim sectors, where it now enjoys the title as one of the top shipbuilders in the galaxy once more. Operating in many systems across the rim the FreiTek has opened up many new markets of sales. The company is still on friendly terms with the New Republic and her allies, and is under the ownership of Tucker and lead by Qui Sen. FreiTek also assisted in the design of the T-47 Air Speeder.


FreiTek Inc. has the controlling power in the whole Camaria system and by this control, FI has major influence in the Tarabba sector.



G-1A Transport

G-1A Transport.jpg

The G-1A Transport is one of the hardier starfighters in the galaxy. It's a preferred ambush vessel among pirates and mercenaries due to its good speed, agile movement and the impressive strength of its hull.

The robust nature of the G-1A is due to an innovative durasteel layering technique. The result is that, in order to successfully breach the hull, its enemies must strike the same place several times to break through all seven layers before hitting something vital. The ship's strong outer shell has reportedly preserved many an illicit individual while under fire from security forces by taking damage that any other vessel would buckle under.

Despite its ability to take a great deal of punishment, the G-1A can dish out relatively little with only a single pair of heavy lasers. Still, its fair maneuverability and durable nature make the G-1A an ideal dogfighting vessel; the pilot who mocks its light armament soon comes to realize that firepower matters little when your opponent is essentially flying an aerodynamic battering ram.

The Byblos G-1, originally commissioned by the Republic High Command and constructed on Byblos by Byblos Driveyards, was designed as an escape transport/scout vessel and was considered a nimble craft in comparison to its contemporaries. Later, the G-1 was re-designed to compete with the YT-510 and the subsequent G-1A was easier to modify, faster and better armed. While it couldn't keep up with the speed of the 510, its weaponry was adequate to defend itself and it became extremely versatile with the correct upgrades.

While the G-1A still makes an exceptional scout once retrofitted with once modern sensors, its most effective role is that of a personal escape craft. Faster and safer than an escape pod, it is able to disengage and jump sector quickly while protecting its two passengers. It is also known to function as a taxi in hostile parts of the galaxy and is also used among businessmen as a personal ship due to the speed and protection it offers, as well as the aesthetics.

Personal Luxury Yacht 3000

Personal Luxury Yacht 3000.jpg

Personnel transport has always been important to any company and government, but not everyone has the money to spare on large, excessively roomy capital ships. Additionally, smaller ships rarely have the room to transport a significant number of personnel at a time. The Personal Luxury Yacht (PLY) 3000 was designed with personnel transport in mind. Capable of transporting fifteen passengers at a time, the 3000 sports moderate shields and hull to protect itself from enemy attacks. Light armament was also installed to allow the ship a very small amount of defense, but an escort is always preferred to solo travel. Still the PLY-3000 is a perfect transport for important dignitaries and leaders.

Pinook Fighter

Pinook Fighter.jpg

The Pinook is a three-winged star-fighter designed to be used as a convoy escort for small and medium sized corporations. It has a pair of rear-mounted horizontal wings together with a vertically mounted wing. The engine is located between the wings giving it a reasonable amount of protection. The Pinook's unique bulbous cockpit is located at the front of the fighter and contains all of the fighter's main systems, including some basic entertainment systems. The cockpit design also allows for a very wide field of vision for the pilot, which is essential during combat. The Pinook's primary armament is a pair of heavy laser cannons, located at the front of the ship, but has an additional front-mounted concussion missile launcher. The ship's low density hull design allows it to reach high speeds and provides higher-than-average maneuverability, yet at the price of a very weak hull and almost no shielding. The fragile build of the Pinook lead to the impression that it was inappropriate for space combat and resulted in the fighter being quite unpopular with many freelance pilots. Even though the Pinook's weak defenses limit its ability to perform multiple tasks, it is currently seen in use in many sectors. The Pinook is very popular with piloting instructors, due to its high mobility. It is often seen in use by pirates and smugglers, who are usually happy to add low-cost, single seater fighters to their fleets. The Pinook is well suited for planetary defense, despite beliefs that its is an incapable craft. Many a time has a strike force failed due to the underestimating of this ship.

Z-95 Headhunter

Z-95 Headhunter.jpg

One of the more successful in-system fighter designs, the Z-95 is the direct predecessor of the versatile X-Wing starfighter. It has a canopy that gives the pilot nearly all-around visibility and uses a heads-up flight information display. The cockpit is a little cramped but contains a full life-support package, an ejection seat and internal halon fire extinguishers. A swing-wing and fuselage design maintains stability and reduces stress from high-G accelerations. These fighters are legendary for taking severe beatings and still holding together. That survivability makes them very popular amongst pilots, who are often reluctant to switch to better performing starfighters.

The lack of a hyperdrive severely limits the usefulness of the Z-95, restricting it to planetary defense or assault, if used from a carrier ship. Originally produced as the Z-95 Superiority Fighter, it was soon noticed after production had started, that these craft were capable of taking out a significant number of opponents. This earned it the nickname of Headhunter, which was thought to be a more catchy name and a good selling point. Very early models still carry the designation Z-95 SF, but apart from that are identical to the later produced craft.


T-16 Skyhopper

T-16 Skyhopper.jpg

The T-16 Skyhopper is a well-armed airspeeder capable of reaching speeds and altitude greater than that of most in its class. It boasts a tri-foil wing arrangement and an advanced steering system, both granting it extraordinary maneuverability which is reflected through its ability to make extremely sharp turns at high speeds. Its substantial speed is the result of pairing twin repulsorlift engines for lift and an ion engine for thrust. A notable design feature is the cockpit of the T-16, which can be separated from its body, allowing easier maintenance access to its instruments.

Leadership Changes

  • Year 15 Day 96:: Robby Rae, the leader of FreiTek Inc. was replaced today by Qui Sen.


  • FreiTek Inc Banner Year 12.jpg (Year 12)

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