Aliit Krie'ger

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Clan Krie'ger or Korris
ClanKrieger zpsavomdghk.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Ronhar Karath
Motto Aliit ori'shya tal'din
Headquarters Draboon
Historical Information
Founded Year 14
Political Information
Affiliation Mandalore
Type Mandalorian Clan

Clan History

Clan Krie'ger was founded in Year 14 by Darr Korris taking the Place of Aliit Krei'ger in the Clan Council of Mandalore. By his Founder this Clan is also known as Clan Korris as well sometimes referred as Aliit Krei'ger.


on Year 16 Day, 223 Aliit Krie'ger took part in Operation Resol'nare Serroco, a 3-month-long campaign to deliver the following key objectives:

Suppression of all hostile forces encountered on the planet's surface; Medical treatment and evacuation of injured persons; Protection of those not yet affected by the Derra virus; and Field testing and reporting of the new ELG-Q1 blaster in live-fire combat scenarios. Aliit Krie'ger reached the planet on Day 223, its first objective was to establish an operating base on the continent in the south of the planet and conduct patrols into the surrounding craters and jungles, where a coalition of several groups of bandits formed a coalition and put up stiff resistance against Krei'ger forces.

Aliit Krie'ger base on Serroco

Krie'ger forces preparing to action

Once secured the entire continent the clan was called, along with other clans, to occupy Serroco City, with the primary objective of maintaining order and conducting patrols into the surrounding craters and jungles! The operation resulted in a complete victory for the Mandalorians.

Year 24

On Year 24 Day 269 Krie'ger became part of the Alii'aliit represented by Bukki Werda there.

Known Members