Aurodium Legion

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Aurodium Legion
Aurodium Legion Emblem Gold Year 13.png
Political information
Type of government Mercenary Stratocracy
Head of State Sob Conners
Head-of-Government Hondo Maximus
Commander-in-Chief Sob Conners
Affiliation Galactic Concordiate (Year 14 Day 104)[1]
Formerly Imperial Union (Years 12-13)[2]
Societal information
Capital Unknown
Territory Core Worlds

Expansion Region

Language(s) Galactic Basic
Currency Galactic Credits (Imperial Dataries)
Historical Information
Formed from D`Este Realty

Tapani Starship Cooperative

Date of establishment Year 11 Day 131
Status Active
Holosite Aurodium Legion

The Aurodium Legion (AL) is a mercenary stratocracy. It is the last line of defense for the Farlax Sector and handles all domestic security. The Legion is led by Legate Sob Conners who commands the entire group.


The Aurodium Legion, named after the sparkling precious metal aurodium, is a contingent of hardened mercenaries centered in the Farlax Sector. Named, funded, and led by Dorn Zeke, a cold-blooded reptile from Barab I, the Legion historically specialized in missions so dangerous that the members of the company were regarded as 'dead men' among other mercenary groups due to their high mortality rate. Indeed, the Legion once had a fifty percent casualty rate. In recent days, however, the Legion has chosen to focus on economic development and construction in the outlying systems of civilized space. Over time, the Legion has become a recognizable mercenary force in the galaxy and has successfully transitioned into a formidable government.

As envisioned by Dorn Zeke, the purpose of the Legion is to remove disruptive elements from society and put them to use liberating worlds from tyrannical governments. Recruits include wandering soldiers-of-fortune, failed revolutionaries from remote planets, and deserters from various armies, both defeated and victorious. In its bustling ranks are thrill-seeking adventurers, swaggering bravoes, blockade runners, and professional bodyguards. Grizzled veterans are the dominant element — thick-skinned, surly-tongued mercenaries, with vibroblades in their belts and guile in their hearts. The Legion also has corsairs from the Mid Rim, including giant Trandoshan renegades, taciturn, dangerous, with Concussion Rifles strapped to their great scaly torsos — as mercenaries wear blasters openly in the Legion.


Legate Dorn Zeke

The Aurodium Legion is a mercenary contingent headquartered in the Farlax Sector, a legendary galactic region of dazzling nebulae and ionized gases situated at the edge of the Deep Core. It is rumored throughout the hyperlanes that the legionnaires are battle-scarred exiles culled from backwater worlds bordering the galaxy's many trade routes. Their recruits are blasters-for-hire paid by the Legion's high command to exact justice upon corrupt rulers and selfish despots.

Although the Aurodium Legion claims to be the galaxy's only true mercenary government, knowledgeable spacers insist the organization is merely a front. Indeed, in the black markets of Altyr V, three-fingered usurers have whispered the legionnaires are nothing more than scullions who perform the sordid tasks more cautious governments cannot publicly undertake. They posit the Legion's loyalty lies only with those governments whose subterranean vaults house the largest treasuries. Whatever the truth may be concerning the Aurodium Legion, its history is replete with tales of strife, greed, sacrifice, and destruction.

According to Bothan spies, the Aurodium Legion was founded by a red-skinned Barabel known by his Core Worlds' name of Dorn Zeke. While trading in the Farlax Sector, Zeke witnessed barbaric cruelty when Zygerrian slavers attacked N`zoth, an underdeveloped planet known for its poverty and lawlessness. Stranded in a N`zoth spaceport, he watched in horror as the slavers struck hard and fast, devastating N'zoth's defenses and blasting the planet's cities into rubble. Ensuing orbital bombardments against refugee shantytowns reduced its natives to abject poverty. The tragic event made a deep impression on the Barabel.

Wishing to take action on behalf of the oppressed, Zeke decided to create a mercenary unit to defend backwater planets and searched for a suitable name. As a lifelong miner with an affinity for precious metals, he was particularly fond of aurodium, a sparkling element used in ingots, coins, and jewelry that naturally occurs as nuggets found in the alluvial deposits of planetary mines. Believing in the fortuitous karma of the precious metal, Zeke christened his new mercenary unit as the Aurodium Legion, and immediately began recruiting personnel. Among his motley recruits were Barabel warriors, Trandoshan hunters, Corellian gun-runners, and Rodian enforcers.

High Command

Alternate emblem of the Legion

Current Staff

  • Sob Conners - Legate (1IC) [HC-5]
  • Hondo Maximus - Prefect (2IC) [HC-4]
  • Sob Conners - Tribune (3IC) [HC-3]
  • Troy Yoyort - Centurion [HC-2]
  • Kay Dallben - Consul [HC-1]
  • Qard Sharq - Consul [HC-1]
  • Helseth Hlaalu - Consul [HC-1]
  • Dru Snotz - Consul [HC-1]

Former Staff


Main article: Timeline

Year 11

  • Year 11 Day 130: The Aurodium Legion is formed by Dorn Zeke and Helseth Hlaalu.
  • Year 11 Day 131: Within a brief period of time, the Legion gains control of the Farlax Sector.
  • Year 11 Day 178: The Rimma Trade Route Remnant are colonized by the Legion.
  • Year 11 Day 178: The Legion gains control of the Tapani Sector located in The Colonies.
  • Year 11 Day 214: The Legion defeats the Jedi Order and the Exiles at the Battle of Adval.
  • Year 11 Day 220: The Exiles are dissolved. Their operations are absorbed by Koensayr.
  • Year 11 Day 233: The Aurodium Legion and Koensayr sign a peace agreement.
  • Year 11 Day 305: The Legion gains control Galantos, Morath Beta, Morath II, F`tang, and K`zar.
  • Year 12 Day 280: Rawth Shacklefist replaces Qard Sharq as second-in-command for the Aurodium Legion.
  • Year 12 Day 327: The Aurodium Legion is admitted to the Imperial Union.[3]
  • Year 13 Day 300: The majority of the Imperial Union, as well as the Aurodium Legion, resign from the coalition.[4]
  • Year 14 Day 104: The Aurodium Legion joins the Galactic Concordiate, a large alliance of neutral powers.[1]
  • Year 18 Day 3 : Dorn Zeke, the leader of the Aurodium Legion was replaced today by Sob Conners.

Nationalized subsidiaries


  • Aurodium Legion Holographic Year 13.png (Year 13)
  • Aurodium Legion Holographic Year 14.png (Year 14)


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