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Late in the year 7, members of Rebel Alliance High Command and SoroSuub Corporation Middle Management began to discuss the possibility of a merger between the two groups, realizing that the combination of the Alliance's military might and SoroSuub's economic prosperity would give the Galactic Alliance the greatest chance of defeating the Empire. Delegates from the Rebel Alliance, such as Phymp Mindano, Nim Orlan, David Kellar and delegates from SoroSuub, including Adam A Flynn, and Maradin Sandwalker held a conference where they set out the initial plans for a new government, which they called the New Republic. Using the Old Republic's Constitution as a model, they began writing a new Constitution for the new government.

When the leaders of each group announced the potential merger to their citizens, there were mixed reactions. Some agreed that the joining of the two groups would create a powerful new government. Others did not care for the idea, arguing that they were proud to be a member of their current government, under its current name. In order to get an official measure about their citizens opinion regarding the merger, both sides held a poll. Both the Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub Citizen voted with a 'Aye' in favor of the merger.

Once both sides had officially approved the merger, the completed Constitution was presented to the public for approval. A referendum vote was held, and the New Republic's Constitution was ratified on Day 98. The day is now known as Restoration Day, a celebration of the restoration of the Old Republic.

Formation of the Republic

With the Constitution ratified and the New Republic officially formed, the various departments began merging. SoroSuub logistics, which had been housed in SoroSuub Munitions moved into Corellian Transport Services, under the leadership of SSC Logistics Director Van Harrad, and CTS Director Azzi Blackgate and Assistant Director Kit Lorcan. Liberty Medical Center and Riviera Medical merged together into Republic Medical, under the leadership of Miko Niepe. Members of the SoroSuub military were transferred into Alliance battlegroups, and the various nationalized companies of the Republic began to collaborate on production, mining, and construction projects.

However, with all the merging came some problems. Former members of the Rebel Alliance and SoroSuub Corporation began to disagree on how things should be run, and there were times of tension in the beginning. Over time, the problems were solved and the two groups unified, with similar ideals and the goal to defeat the Empire.

During this time, the first New Republic Advisory Council was formed. Initial plans had SoroSuub’s Chancellor Adam A Flynn serving as Minister of State, with the members of SoroSuub’s Middle Management team filling the roles of civil Advisory Council members. The Rebel Alliance’s High Command members would fill the Military positions. However, just after the merger, the co-leaders of SoroSuub, Adam A Flynn, and Ingo R Vailis resigned their positions and decided to leave the Republic.

Chief of State Elections

With the Advisory Council positions filling in, the need to elect the Republic’s first Chief of State arose. The first Chief of State race was initially between multiple candidates; however, after a few drop-outs, two names remained on the final ballot – Maradin Sandwalker and Phymp Mindano. Both candidates had been very involved in their former governments, the Republic’s restoration and the writing of the Constitution. In an extremely close election, Maradin Sandwalker was confirmed as the first Chief of State of the New Republic on Year 8 Day 121.

Maradin recognized Phymp’s experience and dedication, appointing him as Minister of State and declaring him the Republic’s official second-in-command. With Chief of State Sandwalker’s election, and Phymp’s appointment, the first Advisory Council was officially complete.

The three military commands were assigned to former members of the Rebel Alliance High Command. Jax Dorvek was appointed High Marshal of Starfighter Command, Edyn Solers was made High General of Army Command, and Atoris Ligauten filled the position of High Admiral of Naval Command. All three of the military high command members were under the command of Chief of Military Operations Thies Windu.

On the civil side, Gawayne was appointed Minister of Culture. Owyn Darklighter was made Minister of Economic Development, and Alph Virphen became Minister of Trade and Industry. Nim Orlan continued his directorship of the Center for Rebel Intelligence, which was renamed to the Center of Republic Intelligence. Jedi Knight Uzziah Akim was appointed as High Ambassador.

Senate Elections

With the Advisory Council set and Chief of State elected, it became time for the election of the New Republic’s first Senate. Thirteen sentients ran for a Senate seat in the first election. After much campaigning, where the candidates presented many different views on a number of issues, the election was held. Many New Republic members placed their votes, and when the results were in, all nine Senate seats were filled.

The first Senate was made up of Azzi Blackgate, Chrono Van Talisman, Dracul Elensar, Eli LaSalle, Jake Azzameen, Kit Lorcan, Corvis Orion, Van Harrad and Wolfgang Nospe. The first Senate’s official inauguration date is Year 8 Day 139.

Shortly after the election, the Senate set to work making an official set of procedures and electing a Speaker. Wolfgang Nospe was elected the first Speaker of the Senate by his fellow Senators on Year 8 Day 169. The Senate also set to work debating many other subjects, and setting forth a variety of laws and regulations.

Operation Forging Freedom

Main article: Battle of Kashyyyk

Completion of Dunkiphor

Towards the end of Year 8, the New Republic completed a massive project, the Dunkiphor tax planet. The project’s primary goal was to construct hundreds of skyscrapers, to serve as homes for refugees. Over 32 million refugees, mostly aliens, were able to flee Imperial oppression to live on the ecumenopolis.

The master architects behind the planet included Gawayne, Gojin Zen, and Owyn Darklighter. Gojin Zen led the massive construction effort with the assistance of Riviera Ship Shop’s Assistant Director Zhadum Dharun. Associate Minister Zen drew from his experience while leading SoroSuub’s first tax planet project, Galalyrn, which is now home to over 50 million sentient beings.

The economic plan behind the project was that the housing and many public services would initially be free. After sentient had settled in and were making a solid income to live off, they would begin to give parts of their profits to Republic, to help refund the cost of construction, and develop other planets in the future.

Corvis Orion’s Betrayal and the Death of Thies Windu

One of the issues that arose early on in the Senate was how Dark Side force users were to be handled in the Republic. Several Senators and Advisory Council members took a strong stance against having any Dark Side users in the New Republic. Some believed that the Jedi Order should be consulted on all force issues. Several Senators, including Corvis Orion, a force user who was a self proclaimed “grey user”, argued that the Constitution granted all citizens of the New Republic the choice whether or not to be a Light Side force user.

During the debate in the Senate, some people grew suspicious that Orion was not a force sensitive at all. In an attempt to prove that Corvis Orion wasn’t a force user, Chief of Military Operations Thies Windu called the members of the newly created New Republic Security Force to the Republic’s flagship, the NRS Nautilus, for a christening ceremony on Year 8 Day 159. During the ceremony, Orion executed a plan to arrest the Chief of Military Operations. With the help of a friend, Mat Cauthon, Orion was able to subdue Windu, and drag him aboard his personal warship.

Orion disappeared into Deep Space, a fugitive of the Republic. All rescue operations to try and locate Thies were unsuccessful. It was revealed a short time after that Orions's force sensitivity was a sham created when he was SoroSuub’s Director of Intelligence. It was part of a scheme to capture Galactic Empire members. Orion's now vacant Senate seat was filled by Rhodan Flaka.

Appointment of Edhrikhor as CMO and Concurrent Dissolution of NRSF

Eventually, news reached the Republic that Orion had executed Thies Windu. The official date of death is marked as Year 8 Day 315. Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar was placed in command of the New Republic Military following Thies’ passing. As his first official act, Provost General Tlakh`sar awarded Jedi Master Windu with the Kalidor Crescent and the Republic Heart. Many members of the Republic, both military officers and civilians attended the ceremony on board the NRS Nautilus.

After Edhrikhor’s appointment as Chief of Military Operations, the New Republic Security Force was dissolved. Most of the members transferred to a newly created, fourth battlegroup, under the command of Vice Marshal Aiden Taan.

Chief of State Maradin Sandwalker replaced by Phymp Mindano

Following a long period of inactivity of Chief of State Sandwalker, both the Advisory Council and Senate approved a vote of no confidence. Minister of State Mindano officially took over as Interim Chief of State and immediately began planning elections.

Several Republic citizens came forth to campaign for the position. Initial candidates included Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar, Eli LaSalle, Azriel Pitot and Wolfgang Nospe. Oilios Katastrefor entered the race a short time after the others. LaSalle and Pitot both dropped out of the running stating various reasons for withdrawal.

As campaigning was coming to an end, former SoroSuub Chancellor Ingo R. Vailis made a very controversial return. With the Republic in a difficult time, many members, mostly former SoroSuub members rallied behind Ingo, remembering his successful leadership of SoroSuub Corporation. On the other hand, many members were disappointed that Ingo was allowed to return and join in the campaigning this late into the race. Stating that he couldn’t run against Vailis, who he felt was the best man for the job, Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar withdrew from the race. To oppose Vailis, Nim Orlan entered the race a day later, prompting Oilios to drop out and back Nim.

When the final ballot reached the public, 3 candidates remained: Orlan, Vailis, and Nospe. When all of the votes were tallied, Vailis had defeated Orlan by a mere 5 votes. The people had spoken, and Ingo was officially the second Chief of State of the Republic.

Black Sun Proposal

When Ingo returned from his extended leave of absence, his old friend and partner, Adam A Flynn also returned. Upon his election to Chief of State, Vailis appointed Flynn his Executive Advisor, and gave him Advisory Council level security clearance. This caused much controversy, as Flynn was accused of going beyond his authority several times.

Shortly after Vailis’s inauguration, Flynn presented a proposal to the New Republic populace. Vailis and Flynn intended to sell one of the Republic’s nationalised groups, Black Sun, to Eidola Pirates Queen, Teniel Djo. The sale would include the planet of Kiffex and Black Sun’s flagship, the Darkstar.

While some members sided with the Chief of State and his advisor, most of the population strongly opposed the sale. Arguments took place on all levels, within the Senate, the Advisory Council and between citizens. All of the discussions led to several resignations. Prominently Alph Virphen, Nim Orlan, Kit Lorcan, Natalis Oro, Nov Chebot and others stepped down. As the discussion continued, Chief of State Vailis went missing. He rarely showed up for meetings, and for a period time seemed to completely vanish.

High Marshal Virphen was replaced with Dan Russ, and Director Orlan was replaced with Mandor Bg. Just a few days after his resignation, the Republic received word that Virphen had executed Samus Augill, a Dark Side force user, onboard his personal freighter. Augill had been captured during Operation Forging Freedom. Virphen agreed to go to court and be tried for any charges that the Republic wanted to bring against him.

The Betrayal of Amun Sokar

After Chief Executive Nov Chebot resigned his position within Republic Mining Corporation, he recommended that Amun Sokar take over as the corporation’s director. Just a month after accepting the position and being given full control over all RMC assets, Sokar made a deal with the Sith, and he stole everything that he could from RMC. On Year 8 Day 328, he made off with millions worth of credits, vehicles, ships, and mines.

Sokar also took the opportunity to free a captured Dark Side Force user, Max Powers, who was being held captive onboard RMC ship. Amun’s betrayal destroyed the Republic’s morale and crippled northern mining operations. Luckily, through diplomatic work, Kapryn LaSalle and Edhrikor Tlakh`sar were later able to retrieve enough of the stolen assets to complete the Akrit`tar tax planet project.

Vote of No Confidence and the Elections

Just prior to Sokar’s looting of RMC, a Vote of No Confidence in Chief of State Ingo R. Vailis had passed in the Senate and the Advisory Council. Both bodies had become frustrated with Ingo’s unannounced leave of absence and his techniques and ideas, especially the sale of Black Sun.

With Ingo out of office, campaigning for Chief of State was opened by Minister of Culture Gawayne, Vailis’ second in command, just before he passed on the position of Interim Chief of State to Minister of State Phymp Mindano.

stepped forward to campaign for CoS office. Orlan ran a campaign similar to his first one, and was generally considered the favorite.

Takeover of the New Republic

Just as election week was about to begin, numerous military officers and civilian workers were surprised to find that their crew, work teams, and squadron members were no longer under their authority. They had received direct orders from Adam A Flynn, who Vailis had placed in command of the entire Republic, not to obey any orders given by their commanders and to not allow their commanders to leave their ships.

With the entire Republic on a virtual lock down, Flynn began transferring hundreds of millions of credits to his personal account, along with the deeds to numerous Mon Calamari Cruisers and Republic fighter squadrons.

As Flynn stole the Republic’s assets, several Black Sun agents boarded ships and captured Republic officials. Among the most notable captures were Chief of State candidates David Kellar and Nim Orlan, Senators Chrono van Talisman and Eli LaSalle and Jedi Master Bengro Evabri.

Black Sun agents who participated in the kidnappings included Aiden Taan, Corvis Orion, Dracul Elensar and Sergei Korolev. Soon after the captures took place though, Elensar had a change of heart, and released the two officers he was holding captive, Senators Chrono van Talisman and Eli LaSalle.

After an intense week of rescue operations to secure stranded Republicans, Flynn disappeared to Black Sun, leaving the New Republic back under the command of Phymp Mindano. News shortly reached the Republic that the prisoners Black Sun was holding, including Orlan and Kellar had been executed. The New Republic mourned the losses that they had suffered, but did not look back as a period of rebuilding began.


Minister Mindano got to work immediately planning elections. Phymp announced his own intention to run. Chrono Van Talisman, Zeff Traner and Edhrikhor Tlakh`sar also stepped up to announce their candidacy. In another close election, Mindano captured 43 votes and Edhrikhor captured 41 votes. Due to a recently passed Constitution amendment, a run off election would be required, to ensure that one candidate gained 50% of the total vote. In the run off election, Tlakh`sar earned 53% of the vote, pushing him in to Office.

Under Edhrikor the New Republic began a long period of reconstruction and rebuilding. Incom Corporation began constructing a massive shipyard complex in the Praesitlyn System, to serve as a main production base for building the Republic’s capital ships. The Akrit`tar tax planet project also came to a close under Edhrikor’s watch. During Operation NR Rehab, production teams were able to replenish the NR’s fighter and cruiser supplies by numerous times over. The Senate was hard at work as well. With the completion of the Governor’s Act, the New Republic was able to further their territorial development.

Expanding the Galactic Alliance and Leadership Changes

One of High Ambassador Jake Azzameen’s key objectives when he took over from Uzziah Akim was to expand the Galactic Alliance. After working very closely with the Falleen Federation, Ambassador Azzameen was extremely pleased to announce the expansion of the Alliance to include the Triumvirate Coalition, the Red Star Alliance, and the Jedi Order.

The New Republic was surprised when Phymp Mindano resigned his position as Minister of State. Phymp’s service record went back nearly 9 years, including the position of Supreme Commander of the Rebel Alliance. He was replaced by High Admiral Kapryn, who was already serving on the Advisory Council as Chief of Naval Command. A short time later, Zeff Traner, the former Minister of Trade and Industry who had resigned after the controversial discussion about the sale of Incom Corporation, returned. Traner was appointed Chief Administrator of Employment and immediately was back into the swing of things.

Betrayals and Deaths

When Tomra Kotar became leader of Toskan Industries, Altomac Whiskers was appointed leader of Astralwerks Engineering. Shortly after the change, both leaders looted their organizations, and Kotar attempted to arrest Jedi Master High Admiral Eli LaSalle. In the fight, Tomra failed and the former Senator LaSalle was able to apprehend him, but not before Kotar sent the ship via hyperspace towards Black Sun space.

When the ship arrived, Black Sun member, Sith Jett Blackheart boarded and arrested the Jedi Master after a lengthy duel. Blackheart later killed Eli and kept the restrained Tomra with him. The New Republic would later recover Tomra and put him on trial.

Around the same time, Black Sun also attacked one of the Republic's private sector companies, Offworld Mining Corporation. It was owned by Oilios Katastrefor, a New Republic senator. He started his business in the Ku'bakai system with other members of the Republic. The company grew to the point where Oilios decided to apply to the Republic to have his corporation recognized as part of their Private Sector Agreement, giving his employees NR citizenship and rights.

The CEO of the company, Mott Skyblade, was contacted by Black Sun agents. While Oilios was leading a prospection team, Mott gave all employees a task to keep them busy, using the time to fly to the planet Gondyn, where Oilios was working. Mott entered Oilios' vehicle and kidnapped him, leaving him on board a Black Sun ship. Oilios however managed to change most OMC access codes, protecting the corporation from completely being taken over by Black Sun. He quickly contacted Andre Archer and appointed him as the new CEO.

Mott Skyblade still managed to steal a handful of ships and all the credits of the Offworld Mining Corporation, right before having his access to their accounts removed. Oilios was later murdered by Ingo R. Vailis and Nicholas Haines. Offworld Mining Corporation managed to survive and the new CEO, Andre Archer, promoted Twiggy Samp and Mambo Starr to Directors.

Election of Zeff Traner

When Edhrikhor’s term as Chief of State came to an end, he decided not to run for reelection. A very intense campaign was run between Zeff Traner and CRI Director, Mandor Bg. Both candidates had different stances on many issues. After the votes were all tallied, it was confirmed that Traner was the Republic’s new Chief of State on Year 10 Day 12.

Several changes in the Advisory Council took place at the time of Traner's inauguration. High Ambassador Jake Azzameen and High General Edyn Solers both stepped down and were replaced with Owen von Ismay and Wolfgang Nospe respectively. Minister of State Kapryn was made the Republic's official second in command. CRI Director Mandor Bg also resigned his position and was replaced by Deputy Director Dan Neo.

Under Traner’s leadership, important changes in several sectors took place. Regarding the economy, the tax planet at Belecalaryn was completed, wages were increased, and the Trade Bursary program was reopened for the NR citizens. However, the most impressive action was the mergers of different but similar companies, carried out to streamline the processes and increase the level of cooperation among all the parties involved. This led to a lot of changes in the AC, Ministers, and Associate Ministers. A new position was also created: the Executive Employment Administrator. Moreover, CRI renovated its inner structure.

Regarding the military, the reorganization involved mainly the Army, and a new Battlegroup was created.

Traner’s administration saw also the looting of Astralwerks Engineering and its renewed management under the name of Noga-Ta Industries, an unfortunate event balanced by the quick response and support to one of the GA members, The Antarian Rangers, which was struck by the Galactic Empire.

Creation of the Justice Department

In the beginning of Year 10, the NR citizens started discussing on the possible benefits of having a department dedicated to deal with judicial matters. Such a new "power body" seemed necessary after the Senate had been handling trials to no one's satisfaction. The strongest point against the fact of the Senate administering justice was that Senators were - and are - directly-elected representatives. The important consequence to this, is that the popular vote weighted too much on delicate issues, where popularity must be set aside and objectivity is of paramount importance. In other words, there could have been the risk of Senators not judging according to what the trial exposed, but according to what decision could bring the most popularity, and therefore votes. In addition to these opinions, it did happen that some people managed to successfully manipulate trials through the Senate. The following steps were therefore to create a Justice Department based on legislation, and to charge the Minister of State to set up an Associate Minister for just these purposes. After this was achieved in June of Year 10, the JD started its task by writing and devising new procedures and new legislation, when appropriate.

Fifth Chief of State Election

The Chief of State, Zeff Traner, officially announced he would not be running for re-election after completing a full term as CoS, like his predecessor. The Republic is yet to have a leader run for a second term in office, the reason for which CoS Traner alluded to, stating:

"While I have enjoyed my time as Chief of State, it is literally the most trying job in the Galaxy."
— Zeff Traner

He went on to advise citizens to consider running, but to be sure they give “much thought and meditation before making such a decision.”

The campaign was marked by the astounding personalities involved. All four candidates have served in the New Republic since the galaxy-changing merger between the Rebel Alliance and the SoroSuub Corporation with excellence in their fields. Senator Aves Sunfell, Colonel Jake Azzameen, Minister of Culture Nat Dues and Chief of Military Operations Kapryn LaSalle. The voting system was renovated in order to increase the security and trust in the electoral system.

"Holding the rank of Marshal within the Republic’s famous Starfighter Command, Senator Sunfell stood for election in the early Year 10 Senate elections and has since been working in the Republic’s legislative body in addition to his military duties. If elected, he hopes to provide a stable governing body, increase revenue and production capacities for both military and civilian fleets as well as reach out more to foreign nations."

"Colonel Jake Azzameen has an extensive background among the NR and her allies. A former Senator and High Ambassador, he now works within the Army Command, intending to put primary focus on the Empire. Key plans include developing the newly formed Justice Department, reorganising military forces as well as improving foreign relations and security."

"Currently tasked with developing the territories of the Republic, Minister Dues has also served on the Senate in days past. His main goals as CoS would include developing the infrastructure, defences and production capacities of the Republic’s territories as well as improving recruitment and employment opportunities for citizens."

"Having served as the Republic’s Chief of Military Operations and second-in-command for the past year, High Admiral LaSalle had also held the office of Minister of State prior to that. He intends to continue with plans for warship production, consolidate Republic territories, streamline government procedures and establish firmer relations with neutral organizations."

After the first voting, none of the candidates reached more than 50% of the votes, therefore a run-off between Aves Sunfell and Jake Azzameen took place. On Year 11 Day 6 the Chief of State election resulted in Aves Sunfell wining. (extracted by GNS: “New Republic Chief of State Elections Underway” by Cheda Quche)

Aves Sunfell's Administration

Under Sunfell’s leadership, the NR experienced a period of stability and constant growth.

The Senate proposed several amendments to the Constitution, revised laws and acts and tried to clarify and streamline any loops or unclear legislation.

Following the breakthrough in ship design research, the NR was able to start a mass production of MC80 Home One-class Star Cruisers, and the military High Command devised new strategies to exploit this ultimate addition to their fleets. SFC introduced new rank definitions, more appropriate to the effective role of the officers. On the war front, the Galactic Empire attacked in the N'Zoth and Tatooine systems, while Shoki Shoen struck in Geedon system. However, the NR response was immediate and all the enemy forces soon left empty-handed. On the other hand, the NR took control of the Quelii system from Black Sun and participated in the liberation of several planets (e.g. Malgolfin and Sacorria).

Sunfell’s administration also saw the birth of a force sensitive group within the NR. The “Knights of the Republic”. After long debates, it was decided that such a group would have more advantages rather than disadvantages, and Ghon Webb was appointed as supervisor of all matters related to force sensitivity within the NR and the Knights.

The Diplomacy Command made improvements at galactic level. It maintained relations with the NR allies and reached out to a much wider base of groups in the galaxy to establish contact and seek opportunities for cooperation. Within the Galactic Alliance, the NR helped the Triumvirate Coalition to secure control of planets within their territory as well as aiding the Krath Dynasty in their home Sector, Kathol, for the same purpose. Falleen Federation and Ailon Nova Guard helped the NR secure several planets.

Several improvements on the civil side were also made. A new tax planet was developed, while JUGANOTH Mining Corporation, a nationalised subsidiary, set up and opened a new South Sales Depot. The NR at large cooperated on large-scale projects regarding the increase of demographic population and provision of minimal sustainability to every city in the galaxy. CRI, lead by Director Evan Traner, set up a joint operation with the Jedi Order to arrest Salvor Higgs, who was responsible for looting of the RA subsidiary.

The New Republic News Service (NRNS) started its publications with a brand new staff.

Due to a galaxy-wide agreed decision, all hidden systems in the galaxy were disclosed to the public, as a first step towards a complete reorganization of the sectors.

Sunfell's term was marred however by the resignation of several important members of the Republic, including Evan and Zeff Traner, respectively the Director of CRI and the former Chief of State. They formed their own organization, Alliance Special Operations, claiming that the Republic didn't do enough to fight the Empire. Under Sunfell's administration, a Black Sun agent, Elix Solaris, also succeeded in killing the leader of Merr-Sonn Technologies, a nationalised subsidiary of the NR.

Sixth Chief of State Election

At the end of his term, Chief of State Aves Sunfell officially announced he would not be running for re-election. The candidates for the new CoS campaign were initially Nat Dues – who was also a candidate in the past elections - and Taka Aioko, current Minister of State, at his first candidacy.

Nat Dues, former Minister of Culture and current Senator, allegedly resigned in favour of the high-caliber position of Minister Aioko because he didn’t feel right running against what he considered such an excellent candidate for the Chief of State.

Jedi Knight and current Senator Ghon Webb, on the other hand, entered the voting arena because he felt that for the ideals of democracy the NR represents in the whole galaxy, the people of the NR deserved a choice. He therefore put himself forward as another option to be Chief of State.

Minister Taka Aioko had much experience in the civil sectors, spending time as CEO of many nationalised subsidiaries before being appointed Minister of State.

On Year 12 Day 3 the Chief of State-election resulted in Taka Aioko, with 85% of the votes, and on Day 17 he was officially appointed.

Leader and Looter of JMC

JUGANOTH Mining Corporation was shaken from its inner core on Day 142 of Year 12, when its current leader, Morden Veritas, decided to loot the organization. The motives for this brash action are widely speculated on, ranging from personal greed to freedom fighter.

Morden Veritas, who had proved himself a hard worker and trustworhy sentient till then, managed to steal millions of units of raw materials, over one billion in credits, cities, and numerous facilities. The theft was speculated to total in the billions of credits. As a result of this action, JMC closed public sales and all remaining materials in the New Republic were used for Governmental use.

After back-channel negotiations regarding the return of the stolen property failed, Morden began selling said property on Centrepoint Marketplace. The ensuing debates among the leaders of the NR, on the complete looting of one of the biggest nationalized subsidiaries, led to the decision to issue an advisory notice to the galactic trading community regarding the purchase and ownership of stolen property. This advisory came two months after the looting, and subsequent sales.

On Day 200, the NRI together with the RDC, finally made a public statement concerning all access requests related to stolen goods. The statement declared that access would be denied and, under the Criminal Code, possessing or trafficking items through the black market should be punishable by anything from a heavy fine to a custodial sentence. All restricted Republic technology, most notably military equipment and ships, found in traders lounges and marketplaces across the galaxy were to be considered as stolen property and therefore subject to the same penalties.

During that same news post regarding accessibility of stolen merchandise, the NR alleged Morden was defrauding sentients across the galaxy. After much deliberation and discussion amongst the prominent traders of the galaxy, it was decided that Morden had indeed not defrauded anyone, but rather the NR had dropped the ball on the advisory notice by the two month delay.

On Day 274 of Year 12, The New Republic arrested one of its most accomplished and decorated citizens, Andrew Steczo. His crime was purchasing a few piles of stolen raw materials listed by Morden on Centrepoint Marketplace, with the intent to return them to the New Republic. A warrant was immediately issued for his arrest, and he was subsequently taken into custody. Months later, after a lengthy and secretive legal process, he was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, confined to 24-hour lockdown. Rumors have surfaced that the accused has killed himself, though no evidence has ever been produced.

On Day 138 of Year 13, Morden approached the New Republic with a chance to reclaim the last of their stolen materials. In exchange for a a public apology for the claims of Morden defrauding traders, the New Republic would receive all materials not yet sold on Centrepoint Marketplace. The New Republic turned down the offer, as a result the remaining 25 million units of raw materials were sold for a half billion credits to Seele, of the Galactic Empire.

The End of the New Republic

In Year 21, newly elected 15th Chief of State Galen Darksol surrendered the Republic to Emperor Seele, dissolving the government and starting The War for the Republic. As a result of the conflict, former Republic assets and personnel were divided into several camps, including the Rebel Alliance, led by former interim Chief of State and military leader Orion Chran, and Rebel Scum, led by the most recent Chief of State, Jin Solas. Territory that formerly governed by the New Republic was secured by various groups such as the two mentioned, in addition to The Resistance, Jawa Offworld Enterprises, and members of the Imperial Union.

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